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Archive for September, 2008

1000 Photos, 60 Bucks And An Eye For Fashion!

A quick look at confirms that beautiful, high-quality photo albums and scrapbooks don’t have to cost a fortune. But we though we would help spark your photograph organizing campaign and show you one of our favorite ways to stylishly organize 1000 photos for just over a nickel apiece!

Photo Albums

  • This Designer Photo Album is available in six great patterns. The covered spiral binding is easy to flip through and has a clean, multi-directional layout. Plenty of room is included next to each photo to make notes!
  • This Fabric Photo Album in two great black-and-white patterns is classic, chic and affordable. Built to accommodate 4” x 6” horizontal or vertical photos, it’s the perfect size for most shots.
  • Are you looking for a classic style in rich leather? These Leather Bound Photo Albums are priced to stock up on! Available in seven popular colors, each accommodates 200 photos!
  • Looking for a natural look? These Natural Paper Photo Albums accommodate many photo sizes, and have a fresh appeal!

Welcoming Fall – Pictures And All!

The perfect end to Summer is the beginning of Fall! While I will miss the warmth of August, I am excited to welcome Fall delights like Apple Cider and Halloween. Halloween not only brings out the goblins and ghouls – the cameras are bringing ghost-like flashes to the dark as well!

Halloween pictures are, by far, my favorite kind. Who doesn’t love to play pretend? Especially when it involves candy! If you are lucky enough to live in a neighborhood with lots of children, don’t forget to stock up on treats and keep your porch light on. If you are a city-dweller, or live in an area without many children, consider hosting a Halloween party for all your friends and family. Require that they dress up, and keep the camera handy!


Halloween is about reinvention, so take this opportunity to think outside the scrapbooking box. Pick the Scrapbooks that suit your style instead of the holiday. Add embellishments that don’t make sense! Put all the pictures in upside-down! Have fun with it! We can get too bogged down in structure, and scrapbooking is founded on creativity and self-expression.

Do you have any other fun ways to think outside the scrapbooking box? Please share them here!

Bidding Summer A Fond Farewell!

Nobody likes to admit these things, but Summer is officially on her way out. However, instead of drowning my sorrows with one last glass of frozen lemonade, I am going to gather together what summer left behind – lots of beautiful photos! Whether you took an extravagant vacation, or stayed poolside at home, you are sure to have at least a handful of fun shots of friends, family and goofy pets!

I like to put Summer scrapbooks together outside – it adds that extra touch of authenticity for me. If you have the space, grab your supplies and head out to the porch, deck or local park. If not, pull up a seat by the window on a sunny afternoon.

Summer Scrapbooks

I have also found that some of the best embellishments are right in front of you – and free! On your next outing, grab some berries, twigs or leaves in a small box. Start with an archival scrapbook, like this summery Mulberry Scrapbook, to make sure your pictures are safe, and go cover crazy! Imagine this beautiful pressed flower scrapbook turned 3-D by what you found on the lawn! And the best part? If the twigs or leaves don’t stand the test of time, you can easily replace them with a quick trip to the yard. Something wonderful and new is always happening. It’s the beauty of nature, and why we scrapbook in the first place!