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Archive for October, 2008

Seriously Scary Halloween Scrapbooking!

Halloween is the most delightfully spooky time of year.  There are ghouls and goblins everywhere, searching for candy in a house to house mission to collect the most sugary goodness! With all these fiendish characters running about, it can be difficult to remember which little ones already came to your door.  If you want to remember each creepy crawly that comes for candy at your home, break out the camera and Scrapbook Supplies.  You’re going to make a Seriously Scary Halloween Scrapbook!!!

First you have to prepare yourself.  Have the camera ready and charged. If you’re using a traditional camera, have a lot of film on hand, because you’ll have a long night of photo ops ahead of you.  When the Trick-or-Treaters come to the door, have them do a trick, have them sing a song, do a little dance, or tell a joke (your candy doesn’t come cheap!), and take a couple of cute, and scary, pictures!

Don’t just photograph your ghoulish house guests – go out into the night!  You and your neighbors put a lot of time into decorating, so take pictures of all the scary houses in your neighborhood.  The world looks much different on Halloween, so get some pictures of the people out on the streets.  Pictures like these will give your scrapbook the variety needed to keep it from looking like a simple collection of monsters!

Prepare yourself this Halloween season and you’ll have a fun Scrapbook to look at with friends for many years.  With a little effort, it is sure to be boo-tiful!

Keep Your Vacation Photos Fresh

Like most travelers, you likely take pictures and collect cute or funny postcards from your vacation destination. They’re fun to look at when you get home, but what happens to them after a week? Are they stashed in a desk drawer, in a shoe box in the closet, left in the glove compartment of your car, or do you just plain lose them? In any case, you can never find them when you want to show them off. Make it easier on yourself and organize all those vacation memories in a Vacation Scrapbook that you can leave on the coffee table as a testament to your travels!

Memory Scrapbooks has a great selection of scrapbooks for your vacation photos and all the little knick-knacks that you brought back. If you just got home from a tropical location, this Palm Tree 12×12 Scrapbook would be perfect to keep all those pictures of you lounging by the beach and swimming in the blue ocean. Tiny trinkets can be tucked inside this gorgeous Photo Box.

Just got back from a big city like Chicago, Boston, or NYC? Pack all those sightseeing photos or the pictures from the night life in this City Maps 12×12 Scrapbook so you will always remember the sights and sounds!

If you organize your vacation photos in a scrapbook, you’ll always have a good story in great condition at the ready!

Remember Your Special Day The Scrapbook Way!

How are you going to remember your wedding day? The cake won’t stay good much longer than a week. Eventually you’ll hang the dress in the closet. And the worst part? You will have to come home from your honeymoon and go back to work! So how are you going to hold onto those fond memories from the best night of your life? By organizing all those loose wedding photos and cards into a beautiful scrapbook you can display in your home forever!

If you have tons of photos that need to be organized, you can use one of our beautiful Wedding Photo Albums. They range from your standard Decorative Wedding Album to a very elegant Frame Cover Wedding Album.

If you have more memories that you want to save, or just want to be more creative with your wedding memories, try our line of Wedding Scrapbooks to hold all your wedding memories. You can choose a very elegant and decorative Scrapbook or a very simple and sweet Scrapbook to display memories from your special day.

Carefully choose how you will display your wedding memories. Make sure it fits the décor of your wedding, but also be sure it matches your personalities. And when friends and family visit, be sure it is proudly displayed on your mantel or bookcase!

It’s Going, Going, Gone!

How do you preserve the sporting accomplishments of your family? Most people would say they have a space on the fridge dedicated to a certain family member, or a shoe box filled with newspaper clippings and photos of grand-slams, 3-point buzzer beaters, and amazing last minute goals. If these memories are worth saving, they should be saved in something a little more permanent (and less prone to coffee splashes!). Memory Scrapbooks has a Sports Theme Scrapbook that would be perfect for all your family’s sports memories.

If you have a linebacker or quarterback in your family, remember every sack, touchdown, and interception with a Football 12×12 Scrapbook.

Smack one out-of-the park with this Baseball Scrapbook. Now you have a place to keep all home run pictures, stats, and newspaper headlines about the big games.

Maybe you have a young basketball star in the family. Slam dunk all those photos and news articles in this Basketball 12×12 Scrapbook.

We have many ways for you to preserve all those wonderful family memories you captured from the bleachers. Or, if you have your own accomplishments to show off, you can have them ready for the next time friends and family visit. Leave the crowd cheering by hitting a home run with these athletic scrapbooks!

Rock On!

Concerts are full of good memories, like watching your favorite singer or band perform your favorite songs while you and your friends sing along. But how will you remember it, and how will you share your memories with your friends and family who weren’t there? Like most things in life, this could all be solved by scrapbooking!

Putting together the perfect concert scrapbook depends on the pictures. But more and more venues are not allowing cameras in the concert area. Be sure to take a lot of pictures while tailgating, or hitting the diner after the concert with friends! This way you will have fun photos to fill your scrapbook with if you cannot get any photos of the concert.

Also, while at the concert there are plenty of little things you could pick up for making a scrapbook. During the show the artists usually throw guitar picks and drum sticks into the crowd. In some cases you could find yourself with a t-shirt, autographed photo, or a set list. These hard-to-come-by items could really make your scrapbook, or Storage Box, quite interesting!

The one item every concert go-er has in their possession is the ticket stub. It’s a nice little reminder of the concert you’ve been to, especially if you were lucky enough to get it signed!

There are plenty of things you could put into your concert scrapbook to remind you of that night – just make sure it has personality! The scrapbook should reflect your mood and the mood of the concert. This way you can represent how you felt that night.

The most important part of this process is to have fun, and be sure to have enough supplies. If you need any refill pages or the scrapbook itself, check in with us at Memory Scrapbooks for all your scrapbooking needs.