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Archive for December, 2008

Baby’s First Christmas!

When a child is born, just about every moment begs to be captured. However, there is one event in a baby’s life that takes this unspoken rule to photograph it all and pushes it to the limit. That event is Baby’s First Christmas!

For many families, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, so it is only natural that new parents want to make a baby’s first Christmas one that could be remembered for a lifetime. If you’re a new set of parents who are looking for a permanent way to commemorate this wonderful occasion, may we offer you a suggestion? Make a Baby Scrapbook!

With the excitement of the day, we’re going to assume that most of the day was spent saying “Smile!” Once the wrappings and ribbons have had a chance to settle (January? April?!), gather all the photos and negatives and divide them into groups. This way you choose the best of each group of photos, such as opening presents, playing with toys, and dinner pictures, to create a well-rounded Baby Scrapbook of that special first visit from Santa! Other items that could be included are samples of the wrapping paper, holiday cards, and ribbons and bows to accent each page.

If you take care in the placement of the photos, you will have an amazing memento for your child and your family to cherish for years to come.

Stocking Stuffers For Scrappers!

If you are a scrapbooker, or know a scrapbooker, you are keenly aware that there are never too many supplies, embellishments or albums to be had! Ideally, we would all live in houses packed with stickers, cut-outs and templates, and the holidays give you an opportunity to help feed their scrapping fever! put together a fun list of options to help that hanging sock brim with scrapbooking goodness.

Metallic Gel Pens – Available in a four-pack, with two silver pens and two gold, these non-toxic pens are both beautiful and archival safe! Never one to sacrifice the quality for the sparkle, Pioneer developed these with style and preservation in mind. The 0.8mm tip makes these ideal for many projects!

Red-Eye Remover Pen – Don’t cry over red-eye! This dual-tipped pen quickly erases that dreaded red-eye on photos of family, friends and pets. You’re just a quick swipe away from your photos looking more heavenly than evil!

3-D Self-Adhesive Stickers – They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which breaks down to a lot of letters! Ours are archival safe, durable, and most importantly, silver! These look gorgeous on any color page, but for an extra dose of ‘wow’, consider bright neons or jewel tones.

Happy Holidays from your friends at!

Ring in the New Year with a Reflection

Measuring a year isn’t just about the amount of bills you paid and the age that you turned. This January, ring in the New Year with a sense of reflection and renewal. Look back on this year’s trials and triumphs and use this information to make yourself better prepared for the twelve months that lie ahead. It has often been said that history repeats itself – do you want to have another fantastic year?

This form of self-evaluation can prove to be a great motivator as you begin this new chapter. Also, it can help you meet new goals or even keep your resolution. A new year starts off with a clean slate, but you have to read what you’ve already written before it’s time to erase it.

One way to do this is to talk to your family and friends. Hold a New Years Reflection Event at your home where you and your loved ones can gather together, share stories and memories, and reflect on the coming year. Pass out notebooks or pieces of paper to your guests so they can take notes or write down their thoughts.

Another great way is to make a Yearly Scrapbook. Fill it with photographs, notes, to-do lists that you’ve accomplished, or other keepsakes that can help you remember how eventful and enlightening your year was. Be sure to leave a bit of room for a journal response too!

Looking Prom Perfect

Even though it may seem far off, it’s never too early to start planning for the prom! Like a wedding, this formal event involves a lot of work and a lot of research. Before you can even begin shopping and making appointments, you have to look into the things that you’re going to need to make the evening just perfect.

As prom planning committees start to meet, pay attention to the kinds of themes that come up. Once a theme is chosen, you can start planning how you’ll incorporate yourself into this magical night – but don’t forget to plan how you’ll remember it!

Prom scrapbooks are a fun and beautiful way to capture this special occasion, making for a memory that is as fresh and vibrant as that magical night. Whether it’s elegantly displayed in a Leather Album or creatively crafted into a Designer Scrapbook, your prom night can be something that you can always look back on! Plus, it’s not just about the photos. In your prom scrapbook, you can also add in pressed flowers from your corsage, your program or place card, a note your friend passed you under the table, your tickets, or even a piece of fabric from your dress! No matter how you choose to fill it, just make sure that it’s something that reflects how stunning you looked.

So while you look at a few dress options, take a look at some of these great Prom Scrapbooks from!