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A Must Read for Scrapbookers!

Scrapbookers - It's a Must Read!

“People have always found ways to document their family histories. The logic is, ‘I may be gone tomorrow, but by God, my life is documented on a page,’” shares author and graphic designer Jessica Helfand in a recent article in the Denver Post about her recent book release, Scrapbooks: An American History. “There’s something about the act of writing down what’s happened to you, pasting in a sugar wrapper from a significant meal at a restaurant, or a ticket from a play. It’s a way of stopping time.”

Since the book’s publication, it’s become a scrapbooker’s favorite. According to the book’s official website, the piece includes color photographs from more than 200 scrapbooks; some made by private individuals and others by the famous, including: Zelda Fitzgerald, Lillian Hellman, Anne Sexton, Hilda Doolittle and Carl Van Vechten. Scrapbooks, while generally made by amateurs, represent a striking and authoritative form of visual autobiography. Helfand finds when viewed collectively they offer a unique perspective on the changing pulses of American cultural life.

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A Valuable Tip for Past and Present Scrapbookers

As the SF Scrapbooking Examiner from, Vivien Hughston is no stranger to helping scrapbookers build gorgeous scrapbooks that will last a lifetime. In a recent article , she shares a valuable tidbit of information that can benefit crafters and scrapbookers everywhere.

“I always hear, ‘How will I ever get all my pictures in a scrapbook?’” writes Hughston. “My number one suggestion is not to overwhelm yourself with the thought. Instead, go through your older photo albums and create ‘pages’ with the pictures inside. Yes, it’s a scrapbook! Photo albums are a quick way to get those pictures scrapped.”

That’s right. You don’t always have to build a traditional scrapbook to get the same results. Instead of stressing over building the perfect page layout to fit into your 12×12 Scrapbook , try out using a traditional Photo Album to organize your photos. carries a wide selection of both photo albums and scrapbooking supplies, so you have everything you need to complete your project. You can still customize and beautify the pages, without sacrificing your goal of creating a wonderful scrapbook that you can enjoy for years to come. Go ahead, be daring. Give it a try and see how easy and fun it can be!

New Years Crafting Resolutions: Do Something For You!

New Years Resolution

As a New Year rolls in with a new set of stresses and responsibilities, remember that you have to also make time to enjoy the things in life that make you happy. If you consider yourself to be a creative individual, why not consider developing your crafting capabilities during 2009? Crafting can be a great stress releaser, as well as a great way to cultivate your creativity, experiment with various mediums, and get the most out of your artistic talents.

For some, crafting means making tissue boxes or other household wares that can be displayed or given as gifts. However, take that idea one step further and you can do something that you can pass down for generations in your family. Scrapbooking is just one popular crafting technique that you can get into for 2009. Simply use your imagination, some family snapshots, and you’ve got a photo album that packs even more of a punch.

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Celebrate Your Mom!

Whether you’re a boy or girl, everyone loves their mom. Who do most sports stars say “Hi!” to when they win a big game – Mom! So it shouldn’t be hard to think of the best person to celebrate with a Scrapbook!

Moms are the people who take care of your every need. While Dad’s tend to take care of teaching their children how to ride bicycles and fix things around the house, Moms are busy with making the most of tender moments. They kiss boo-boos away, make chicken soup when you’re sick, and send the care packages when you’re away at college.

Simple ways to show your thanks are just by making sure you tell them how important they are. Thank Mom for everything she does for you, and be sure to thank her for just being a good mom. She’ll appreciate it! Little things like helping out around the house without being asked really do make all the difference to the hard, often overlooked, work of a Mom!

One great gift to give your mom is a Scrapbook celebrating her as an important influence in your life. You should include photos from great times in yours and her life, and any awards or noteworthy newspaper articles credited to them. This is a very easy task to complete once you gather enough materials. And it helps you organize all those odds and ends into something beautiful!

Start now and you can easily have your scrapbook completed by Mother’s Day!