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5 Ways to Save on Scrapbooking


1.Clip craft store coupons whenever you see sale. This can help you save on expensive scrapbook embellishments, templates, and accents that normally would cost a fortune. Also, when clipping coupons, consider materials that you could cut or make something with yourself.

2.Trim and make your own paper using wallpaper scraps, newspaper, or other non traditional materials. Be creative! When you’re done, conserve your pages by using multiple photos on a page rather than just one picture.

3.Swap materials with a friend. This can be a great way to get a scrapbooking circle started, not to mention, you may get your hands on some really great embellishments, specialty scissors, ribbons, or papers!

4.Make your own stickers by buying sticker paper at an office supply store and find graphics online to print. Just be sure your printer can handle it first.

5.Shop at for all of your favorite Pioneer scrapbooks and supplies at fabulous prices. Keep your eye for special deals and sales throughout the season!

Digital Photo Solutions for Scrapbookers

It seems everyone these days uses a digital camera. Lightweight and easy to use, you get pictures of everything and everyone. When was the last time you got around to having them printed however? So many cameras, chips, and computers are filled to the brim with pictures. Even most cell phones have photo taking capabilities and are quickly filled with precious memories.

If you can’t find the time to get around to printing then there are a lot of digital photo options out there, including a photo CD album or CD/DVD storage box.

When you do get around to printing it’s easy to stop off at just about any pharmacy or store to find a digital photo kiosk. Many new ones have the technology to print photos off of your cell phone, camera, or from a disk and offer one hour or online printing services for when you don’t have the time to wait for the finished product. There are many options on digital printers that let you print at different sizes, crop, and edit; tools that can be useful when scrapbooking.

Baby Scrapbooks: The Perfect Shower Gift

Baby Scrapbooks

Scrapbooking can go beyond being just a hobby. In fact, more people are turning to homemade crafts and hobbies to gift those that are closest to them. For birthday parties, weddings, and even baby showers, scrapbookers can share their talent and their creative vision as part of a thoughtful gift. If you have a baby shower coming up and need a more creative, personal gift for that little bundle of joy, consider gifting the new mommy and daddy with a baby scrapbook from These adorable and fun little scrapbooks can be easily filled with templates of your design. For example, to get the parents started, make pages that are ready to be filled with photos for big events like first steps, first words, when baby comes home, first night in the crib, first experience with baby food, or other great memories that parents will want to keep for years to come. Not to mention, you can show off your scrapbooking skill by making these creative pages in advance. Trust us, mom and dad will love this gift!

It’s More Than Whispers And Wishes…It’s A Really Great Scrapbooking Blog!

“we all have a voice inside that encourages us to be greater than we believe ourselves to be. it urges us to nurture, create and wander. that voice speaks in whispers and we repeat its urgings as wishes…” Is there a more beautiful way to be greeted?! Such was my welcome upon finding WhispersAndWishes, a wonderful blog I found on my journey for scrapping inspiration. From beautiful layouts and unique cover ideas, to dashes of humor and personal, welcoming writing, this blog is definitely one to keep an artistic eye on!

While the pictures are what one most immediately notices about most scrapbooking blogs, it is actually the written aspects of the posts I am most fond of on Whispers and Wishes. Don’t get me wrong, the Thank You Cards and Christmas Layout Idea, among many others, are awesome, but it’s the attention to the written word that is missing from so many blogs that makes this one unique. Sure, sometimes we just want to relax and look at the pretty pictures, but to keep coming back to a blog I have to feel a connection to the writer. I’ll keep coming back to WhispersAndWishes, and I hope you all will too! :)

Prom Scrapbooks Make the Memories Last

May is prom month, so it’s important to start thinking about how you’re going to capture those special memories for a high school student you care about. With countless photos from the special night and portraits done by a professional photographer, organizing prom memories can seem a bit tricky. However, when you use some of the scrapbooking supplies from, making a prom night scrapbook is as easy as one-two-three!

Prom Corsage

1.Gather the Keepsakes
The first step in creating a beautiful prom scrapbook is to gather together all of the photos, the program, ticket stubs, or other keepsakes that could be a valuable addition to the book.

2.Organize in a Scrapbook
Next, organize and insert your keepsakes into an archival quality scrapbook that fits your prom theme or personality. offers a great selection to choose from.

3.Embellish and Add Personality
Add some personality to your scrapbook by writing in notes, captions, embellishments, and other decoration to make the pages come to life. Don’t’ be afraid to be creative here!