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Archive for June, 2009

Scrapbooking Tip: Use Ribbon


Ribbon can be used for more than just wrapping up gifts. In fact, when you use ribbon right, you can create beautiful scrapbooking details and accents that are sure to add beauty and personality to your favorite craft. But once you’ve selected your rolls, picked the colors, and chosen the sizes, what can you do with your ribbon to make your scrapbook special? Here are 5 ways to use ribbon in your next scrapbook:

1.To make a decorative spine, tie ribbons around spiral bound books.

2.Create a fun page border by cutting strips of ribbon and and using them to frame your favorite photos or pages. Use brads, staples, or glue to create fun and festive accent pieces for your pages or cover.

3.Make bows, stripes, or other patterns using ribbon on your scrapbook’s cover.

4.Accent a page or a photo using a ribbon bow , or a ribbon bow with a little charm or keepsake.

5.Create a fun scrapbook bookmark by attaching a decorated, colorful ribbon to the binding of your scrapbook and letting it sit between the pages.

5 More Ways to Stretch Your Scrapbook Budget

Just a few weeks ago, we posted some great ideas on how to trim down your costs on scrapbooking and how to stretch your supplies. After digging a bit deeper and checking with some creative scrapbookers just like you, we’ve uncovered five more great ways for you to save on your scrapbooking hobby.

1.Repurpose your child’s school binders as scrapbooks. Fill them up with your own custom pages and decorate the covers for a fun and easy scrapbooking solution.

2.Print your own pictures instead of sending them to the photo lab by investing in good printer paper and photo quality ink. Just be sure that your printer can handle it!

3.Don’t be afraid to use feathers, beads, and leftover crafting supplies to decorate your scrapbooks or to personalize.

4.Have your scrapbook double as a journal by including entries in between picture pages or creating a separate section just for journaling, sketching, or jotting down ideas.

5.Ask your child’s school, a local youth center, or an art studio to save their scraps for you to use. Not only will you be saving them the hassle of recycling, but they’ll feel great knowing that their scraps are going to a great cause: capturing family memories!


Five Tips for Better Photos


Scrapbooking can’t be at its best unless you have the right photos to tie everything together. To fill up your favorite scrapbook with high quality, perfect shots, follow these easy tips on how to take and print better photos:

1.Invest in a Good Camera
Before you can build a beautiful home, you need a strong foundation. The same goes for your scrapbook. Start getting beautiful photos by investing in a good point and shoot camera. Most people won’t need an expensive DSLR, so don’t worry about spending a ton on pro gear. Instead, opt to get a simple digital camera with a stabilizer and a good zoom.

2. Editing Software Makes It Easy
Free and paid software packages for editing photos can take every shot to the next level. Try out different ones to see what works best for you. You don’t have to get crazy, but a few crops, red eye removal, and some dodging and burning can make all the difference.

3. Learning Lighting
Make it a point to learn the basics of good lighting. Don’t just flash every picture! Instead, try to meet the needs of your environment with different settings and by reading up on photography lighting tips.

4. Details Matter
Pay attention to every picture. Before you press down on the shutter, check to see that there’s nothing wrong in your photo. Preview it on the screen on the back of your digital camera just to make sure.

5. Experiment!
Try different techniques, subjects, and environments. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Father’s Day Scrapbooks He’ll Love

Dad and Son Reading

Father’s Day is just a few weeks away – are you ready? If you’re like most children, you probably are stressing over what to get Dad for the special day. After all, this is the man who has just about everything! Instead of stressing over what to get Dad this year, choose to give him something that he can enjoy for many years to come. Choose something that’s both personal and thoughtful. Choose to make your Dad a Father’s Day Scrapbook.

Filled cover to cover with family photos and snap shots of things your Dad does best, this kind of scrapbook can be a perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day. As a special touch, include cards, art work you gave your Dad as a child, personal notes, letters, and fun captions that can bring the story of your Dad’s journey as a father to life. Oh, and don’t forget to decorate it with some of the beautiful Scrapbook Embellishments from!