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Archive for December, 2009

Getting Organized for 2010!

One of the many New Year’s resolutions individuals are looking to achieve with the start of a fresh year is getting organized.  Getting organized, whether it be in our own daily schedule or the home or workspace, can really have a positive impact in terms of accomplishments and being able to achieve many more things.  As all you scrapbookers know, the scrapbooking materials and supplies that you have around your area can get a bit messy and what better way to start off the near year than getting your scrapbooking space organized!  One of our favorite ways to get organized, and this pertains to any work space, are with photo storage boxes. Storage boxes are a great way to organize your work materials and to keep a space clutter free.  Not to mention, the fun styles of our storage boxes can liven up any space and can help bring inspiration to your scrapbooking creations.

So make organizing your scrapbooking work area the top on your list of things to tackle for this New Year – you’ll be glad you did!

Faster Scrapbooking Made Easy

Scrapbooking can consume quite the amount of time. You don’t need to spend hours upon hours to create a beautiful scrapbook; sometimes the quick and easy techniques allow you to build upon your existing creative ideas and inspirations to make a book that’s simply stunning. Below are some fabulous tips for those scrapbookers who are pressed for time but still want a beautiful book to show off.

Tip #1 – Don’t mat every single photo among your page layout. Only mat the picture that you want to be the focal point on the page.

Tip #2 – If you need to spread your adhesive glue over a large surface area, use the phony credit cards and old calling cards to spread the glue easy and much faster across the surface.

Tip #3 – Cut out designs from patterned papers for fast page accents. Adhere the piece right to the page for instant beauty.

Tip #4 – Rather than adding a single mat to each photo, save time by requesting a mat be added to your picture at the photo lab.

Tip #5 – Use staples to fasten pictures and other page elements that will give your book a more edger look as well as save time.

What tips and suggestions have you considered that saved you time while scrapbooking? We’d love to hear about them!

Idea: Make a Recipe Book!

Scrapbooking doesn’t just have to be about family photos. Sometimes, life’s best moments are celebrated in the kitchen, instead of in front of the camera. If you want a fun scrapbooking project that you can enjoy putting together, consider making a recipe book that goes beyond some scraps and recipe cards shoved in a binder.

Start out by using a scrapbook as your base. From there, add your favorite recipes, along with photos of the dish itself, step by step processes, or of you and family member making the dish together. To accent the page, include cooking-themed stickers, photos of ingredients, or other creative notes that can make each page flavorful.Trust us – this’ll be so much better than a messy recipe box or binder, plus, it’s a whole lot prettier!

Make your recipes hand-me-down ready in a beautiful scrapbook from!

Some Wonderful Scrapbooking Ideas

Looking for some ideas to inspire you on your next scrapbooking project? With so many ideas and suggestions to ponder, we understand that sometimes you can become easily overwhelmed and can’t really decide on which direction you will take. If you are having some trouble getting started on your next project, consider some of the follow ideas.

  1. Was a family member or friend blessed with the welcome of a baby into the world? Start creating layouts to displays photos from the pregnancy, baby shower, and birthday of the baby.

  2. Support your favorite soldier or veteran and record their service in a form of a scrapbook. Include pictures from military basic training, boot camp, graduation and more!

  3. What about your favorite pet? Give them the love and attention they deserve. Gather your favorite snapshots from past and present and create fun custom page layouts.

  4. Congratulate the graduate with a scrapbook highlighting their accomplishments to show them how proud you are. Use old school photos, field trip photos, and pictures from graduation.

Scrapbooking is a great way to store and show off your favorite photos and putting together a scrapbook is a meaningful gift for any time during the year!