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Archive for March, 2010

A Golden Anniversary Keepsake

When a loving couple reaches their golden anniversary, it is definitely a time to celebrate. A couple who is able to stay together and in love for 50 years is a remarkable accomplishment.

To help mark this wonderful occasion, why not consider giving the gift of happy memories? A thoughtful and well-made scrapbook is a great way to highlight all of the good times throughout the couple’s history.

A memory scrapbook can be personalized specifically for the happy couple. It can reflect their lifestyle and all of the activities they share together. The scrapbook can also be made to reflect the theme and colors of the actual wedding, all those years ago.

The pictures can range from the couple’s first prom together, to the engagement party, the wedding date, the addition of children to the family, all the way up to the current day. These memories are sure to warm the heart and this would be a gift that is treasured for years to come.

Visit to find everything you need to assemble the perfect golden anniversary gift.

Scrapbooks Aren’t Just for Family Photos

If you thought that scrapbooks were only meant for cataloging photos of birthday parties and graduations, then guess again. More and more historical societies, universities, and organizations are scrapbooking their history in order to keep the stories preserved so that they can be archived and passed on through the generations.

Programs from theater productions, receipts from corner stores, advertisements, photos, and even legal documents are now being scrapbooked to keep the history alive for others to enjoy. If you’re a member of a historical society in need of assistance, suggest lending your scrapbooking skills and time! is the perfect place to get the supplies you need to help your organization or non-profit scrapbook its history. Acid-free adhesives, archival safe scrapbooks, and extensive refill pages are just a few of the supplies you’ll find at Shop the selection, donate your time, and give back to your community by helping an organization in your area scrapbook.

Make an Inspiration Book!

Have you ever thought about using a scrapbook to inspire you? Well, with a few of these tips, you could be well on your way to creating great things using an inspiration book that’s filled with all of your best ideas. After all, who wouldn’t want a little extra creativity in life? Here’s how you can make an inspiration book of your own:

  1. Start out by buying a scrapbook from to store your ideas.

  2. Next, look through magazines, books, and on the net for photos, textures, colors, and other things that leave you feeling inspired. Cut or print them out and paste them into your scrapbook. Make notes of what you like best about each image or cutout.

  3. Then, go through and write down any ideas you may have, quotes you like, or other little snippets of poems and stories that make you feel inspired. Or, if you have time, get notes and quotes from friends and family members that can keep you motivated and focused.

  4. Finally, add some embellishments to give the pages pizzazz and you’re done! Now you have an inspiration book you can turn to the next time you’re looking to do something creative, whether it’s writing a story or redecorating a bedroom!