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7 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day

pet scrapbook

National Pet Day is an important day for many pet owners and if you’re looking to celebrate the occasion today with your pup, has a few suggestions on how you can make the most of these special memories with your furry or feathered friends.

Here are seven ways that you can celebrate National Pet Day:

1.) Take pictures of your dog, cat, fish, bird, or other furry friend and make up a scrapbook! has all of the supplies you need to get started on a great pet scrapbook.

2.) Post pictures of you and your pet online so that your friends and family can celebrate the love you share.

3.) Enter your pet into a pet photo contest! Check your local newspaper to see if there’s a contest running or look online for different contests to enter.

4.) Create a memory board that can be hung in a favorite room of your home. Include photos of you and your pet, some quotes about pet ownership, and other fun keepsakes!

5.) Spend some time just having fun with your pet. Go for a walk, play, or give a belly rub! The possibilities are endless.

6.) Donate to a pet-related charity or volunteer your time at a local shelter.

7.) Adopt another pet! there are so many pets looking for a good home right now.

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Scrapbooking Favorite: Embellishment Glue Stick

Scrapbooking Adhesive Glue Stick

Scrapbooking Adhesive Glue Stick

If you need something extra strong to keep your keepsakes, photos, and embellishments in place, then it’s best to check out our awesome Embellishment Glue Stick. Made with super strong yet gentle adhesive, this glue stick is acid free to keep your photos safe, plus, it’s non-toxic, so it’s safe to use around your family.

This glue stick is great for scrapbook decorating, plastic, wood, felt, fabric, light metals, paper, cardboard, and photo adhesion, plus, it dries clear while drying permanently so you get a clean finish on any of your projects. Factor in the strength (it can hold a penny!) and you’ve got a scrapbooking adhesive that’s simply a must-have when you’re putting together your next project.

Get your scrapbook embellishment glue stick today at and have it on hand the next time you need to put together an award-winning scrapbook layout!

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Our Friends: Embellishments By Tina

We are always searching for people out there who are as enthused about scrapbooking and putting together photo albums as we tend to be.  Therefore, when we find someone who fits the bill, we always like to let all of you know about the wonderful site that we happened to come across.

embellishments by tina blog

The site we wanted to showcase today is Embellishments By Tina.  This site is a wealth of information for a number of reasons.  The first is that Tina offers not just great information and products that you can use for your scrapbooking efforts, but she also offers you information and pictures of how to turn vintage items into amazing decorative pieces.

Her site is broken down into two main concentrations, the scrapbooking embellishments and the various vintage projects, which is aptly named “altered art.”  Tina also has an impressive online store, where you can find many of her projects that you can incorporate into your own projects or into your own home décor.

Definitely make sure to check out Embellishments By Tina.  You’ll be glad that you did!

Our Favorite Scrapbookers on Twitter

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Twitter is a great place to find new friends, sites, and of course, great scrapbooking resources.

Here are some of our favorite scrapbookers on Twitter:

1.) @abitembellished – That’s us! On our official Twitter page, you’ll find TONS of great tips on how to scrapbook, where to find great scrapbooking supplies, and more valuable information. It’s a perfect place for any scrapbooker to hang out :)

2.) @scraplovers2 - This mixed media artist offers all kinds of tips and information on scrapbooking, mixed media art, and all of the supplies that go into creating a memorable piece of artwork. Check it out!

3.) @scrapbookwire – Looking to connect with other scrapbookers? Then check out the Scrapbook Wire, a social network for scrapbookers and all things scrapbooking. The official Twitter account offers great links, resources, and of course, opportunities to connect!

4.) @loadofscrap – This fun and stylish Twitter profile offers tips on scrapbooking, inspiration, and of course, tons of great articles from the Load Of Scrap blog. A great follow for any scrapbooker, artist, or crafter.

5.) @ACherryOnTop – As the home of the official Twitter account for ACOT Scrapbooking, this profile is full of inspirational scrapbooking ideas, a scrapbooking community, and tons of great reviews on scrapbooking products.

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County Fairs Can Show Off Your Scrapbooking Ability

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Did you know that you can become a scrapbook all-star when you submit your layouts to your county fair?

During the summer, many scrapbookers look to showcase their finest pages at different cultural events and festivals and one of those events is the county fair. Fairs are a great way for scrapbookers, especially those who offer it as as service, to show off their creativity and skill at making the most of memories.

Take time this week to research different county fairs, festivals, and art shows in your area and see if scrapbook pages and layouts can be submitted for judging. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up winning first prize! Even if you don’t win a ribbon or take home an award, you can still gain recognition for your beautiful work. Submit to a county fair and show just how great of a scrapbooker you are!

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