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Super Bowl Scrapbooking!

Sports Caption Stickers

If you’re the kind of person who loves celebrating the Super Bowl each year with a party filled with friends, football, and of course, food, then why not capture this occasion year after year with a Super Bowl scrapbook? Believe it or not, there are plenty of things that you can incorporate into a Super Bowl scrapbook to make it both fun and memorable.

Start out by taking pictures of the party setup. The decorations, the food, the favors…you get the picture. Once the friends and family arrive, take photos of everyone gathering together. Don’t forget snapshots of everyone’s team gear as they wear it for good luck! When the game starts, take a few snapshots of everyone watching the game. With each exciting play, you can capture the moments when people jump out of their seats, cheer, hug, hoot, and holler. Trust us – it’s an exciting experience that you can look forward to every year!

Once you have all of your photos, put together the scrapbook pages with a team theme. Include colors, sports caption stickers, pictures, etc. that involve both teams that  year and with each passing football season, you can update your scrapbook with a few more pages. If you’re the type the loves to celebrate the Super Bowl, then this scrapbooking idea is sure to be a hit.

Scrapbooking Favorite: 3-D Foam Dots

3D foam dots

Looking for a better way to make your photos and embellishments pop on the page? Want to make your scrapbooks look even more interesting and dynamic? Then try working with 3-D Foam Dots from

Made by Pioneer and designed to be a scrapbooking essential, offers a strong adhesive that permanently aheres your scrapbooking embellishments or photos to the page without having to deal with glues or tapes. Just pop on a foam dot and you’re all set. Plus, for added dimension, you can also stack multiple dots together!

These 3-D foam dots come in a pack of 52 with assorted sizes so you can always find the right one for the page. They’re also acid-free and photo safe, so there’s no risk of fading or discoloration when you use them to adhere your photos or put together scrapbooks. Trust us – they’re a must have for any scrapbooker!

Get your set of 3-D foam dots today at

Site We Love: Funky Finds


Funky Finds was established in March 2006 and has remained dedicated to promoting independent artists, crafters & designers worldwide. What began as a blog has blossomed into a full-service network that works to help artisans make a living doing what they are most passionate about – creating unique handmade products.

The Funky Finds blog features hip handmade items, art & craft related events worldwide, and frequent giveaways. Funky Finds also has an online marketplace, The Shops @ Funky Finds, the perfect place to buy & sell handmade goods.

Whether you like to create your own items or simply shop for unique one-of-a-kind products, Funky Finds has something for everyone! They once were funky lost, but now they are funky found!

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Celebrate National Get Organized Month

Photo Storage Box

Alright – it’s time to finally do it. It’s the perfect time to actually sit down and do something with those piles of photos and oodles of scrapbooking supplies. It’s time to put things together. It’s time to simplify. It’s time to get organized.

January is National Get Organized Month and to make things easy, has put together a list of must-have scrapbook and photo organization supplies. With a little bit of time – and with these photo organizers – it’ll be easy to get your scrapbooking area neat and tidy.

Let’s get started:

Photo organization boxes: First off, you should start by going through your photos. Toss out the ones that got developed but are away too dark or out of focus to use. Then, catalog your photos by event (or other criteria) in one of our photo organization boxes. They’re archival safe and perfect for getting those piles of photos in order after they’ve sat in a drawer or shoebox.

Scrapbooks and photo albums: Want an even better way to organize those favorite photos? Make scrapbooks or put them into albums! You can easily fill up any of our scrapbooks or photo albums with embellishments and snapshots so that they can be enjoyed and displayed, instead of packed away.

Photo storage boxes: Besides organizing and storing photos, our photo storage boxes are also perfect for packing away leftover scrapbooking supplies, embellishments, adhesives, or other crafting essentials. Choose from different sizes and designs to find the one that’s best for you.

How do you get organized?

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Our Friends: Paper Is Love

paper is love scrapbook paper

If you’re looking for inspiration, ideas or plain old crafty fun, Paper Is Love is the place to be. Paper Is Love was created by Kalyn Kepner and primarily features card-making ideas as well as tips and tricks for scrapbooking and paper crafting. Every Wednesday you’ll find Kalyn’s “Peek of the Week” which showcases a card she’s been working on – complete with a supply list! Kalyn’s work has been published in several crafting magazines and she shares her latest published work on her blog throughout the week.

Kalyn’s blog, Paper Is Love, also features storage solutions for craft supplies, inspiration from the fashion and stationery worlds and Kalyn’s own take on living a crafty lifestyle. Whether you’re new to the crafting world or a seasoned professional, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Paper Is Love – a feel-good blog that celebrates everything handmade.

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Scrapbooking Favorite: Scrapbook Glue Runner

scrapbook glue runner

Made by Pioneer, a leader in photo and scrapbooking supplies, this scrapbook glue runner is just what you’ve been looking for to complete your scrapbooking collection. Able to easily lay down permanent, double-sided adhesive, this glue runner makes it simple for you to put together a scrapbook in a flash with out having to deal with messy bottles or sticks of glue that only leave your photos wrinkled or discolored afterward.

The glue used in this scrapbooking accessory is made to be archival-safe, is acid-free, and is photo-safe for all different types of snapshots. To put it simply, this glue doesn’t discolor or alter your photos, so their beauty can be preserved over time with ease. Just refill it whenever it runs and out that’s it. It’s totally reusable, so you definitely know that you’re getting the best fit for scrapbooking.

Change the way that you use adhesive in the scrapbooking process and switch to using this scrapbook glue runner from Pioneer. It’s the easiest way to stick photos to paper without mess or fuss!