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10 Great Scrapbook Album Themes

For some scrapbookers, one of the most difficult things about scrapbooking is deciding on a theme for their scrapbooks. Maybe these 10 great scrapbook album themes will help you decide.

So many themes to choose from - like a baby scrapbook!
  1. Sports Scrapbook – Record memories from the big game in a sports themed scrapbook. These are great for people who play sports, or if your child plays a sport. You can select a certain sport, or include a few. If you include several sports inside one scrapbook you should make dividers for each sport.
  2. Baby Scrapbook – Make a divider for every year of the child’s life. This is a great gift idea for anyone with children!
  3. Mother’s Day Scrapbook – Include things you’ve made your mother, pictures of her with family members, and any other mementos. Maybe on the first page you could write a poem with a nice border around it.
  4. Holiday Scrapbook – Do you have a ton of photos from Christmas every year? Display them in a holiday themed scrapbook! You can have one for each holiday, or combine certain holidays.
  5. Graduation Scrapbook – These are great to place on a table at a graduation party! Include all of their school photos, sports photos, and tons of random photos from every school year! You can also use dividers to separate each year.
  6. Military Scrapbooks – Design one for the solider in your life. Include letters mailed, photos and other things.
  7. Vacation Scrapbook – Remember that trip to Mexico two years ago? A scrapbook would be a great way to relive those memories!
  8. Honeymoon Scrapbook – What better way to cherish these special memories?
  9. Traveling Scrapbook – Include photos from vacations you’ve been on or states you’ve traveled to. A great idea for this scrapbook theme is to include postcards from the towns, states or cities you’ve visited.
  10. Movie-Goers Scrapbook – Do you love going to movies? Save the ticket stubs, and display your movie watching ways in a scrapbook. Next to each stub you can rate the movie on a scale from 1 to 5. This rating system can come in handy a few years down the road when you can’t remember if the movie you’re about to buy was good or not

Use your imagination and see what kinds of scrapbook album themes you can think of. Make sure to let us know if you think of any good ones!

Gear Up for Graduation with Graduation Photo Albums

graduation cap

It’s that time of year again: graduation season. If you or someone you know is graduating this May or June, why not commemorate the occasion with something special? Sure, you’ll have your tassel and diploma to take home, but what if you want something that can be shared at family get togethers or passed on throughout the generations? At, we recommend gearing up for graduation with something special, something that can stand the test of time. Our pick? Graduation photo albums by Pioneer.

Made to be durable, these archival safe photo albums are the ideal fit for anyone who needs a graduation gift or a graduation keepsake. Give them as gifts to a preschool, high school, or college graduate you care about. Each page is free of PVC, acid, and lignin, so you can be sure that each graduation photo won’t become faded or discolored with age. Protection like this is something special and when you want to commemorate an occasion as important as this, you don’t want to sacrifice the integrity of those photos.

Let take care of your needs for a graduation photo album or scrapbook with our selection. You can fill up our albums with photos of the graduation, the graduation party, school year photos, team photos, and lots of other keepsakes (report cards, event programs, etc.) that help to capture the experience of those school days!

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Delight on Easter Morning with an Easter Scrapbook

Easter Scrapbook

Easter will be here before you know it and if you’re looking to put something special in your Easter baskets, why not give the gift of memory? Easter scrapbooks can be a fun and creative way for you to celebrate the holiday while giving your family members something different to enjoy. Sometimes, capturing those favorite Easter moments can be a lot sweeter than any Easter candy you’ll receive.

Great for filling up with photos from the annual Easter egg hunt, Easter morning, and Easter dinner with your family, our Easter scrapbooks can become an Easter tradition for your family. Just gift everyone with a scrapbook of their own and then spend some of the holiday taking time to make up pages, play with layouts, and scrapbook last year’s occasion (after all – you have to wait for those photos to get printed!).

If you want a different but fun way to celebrate Easter this year, let help with our selection of Easter scrapbooks and supplies. They’re sure to bring a smile this Easter holiday!

New Wedding Album Makes the Perfect Gift!

wedding album

Wedding planning season is in full swing and if you’re looking for the perfect bridal shower gift for a couple you know, be sure to check out this latest addition to our selection: the 3-D Metal Applique Frame Wedding Album.

Made to be an instant classic, this elegant wedding album features a decorative silver metal applique that reads “our wedding” in a pretty font. A stunning cover with a frame for putting a favorite wedding photo brings the whole book together for a look that’s perfect for celebrating such a special moment in life.

Give it as a gift on its own or include it in a beautiful wedding-themed basket that you can give to the bride and groom. Include wedding scrapbook supplies and who knows? Maybe that special couple will work on a a scrapbooking project of their very own after the big day!

Get this delightful gift from the selection of wedding albums at

Scrapbooking for Your Sweetie

Valentine's Day Scrapbook

Valentine's Day Scrapbook

Looking to make a scrapbook for your sweetie for Valentine’s Day? Let help with our selection of scrapbooking supplies and essentials. From scrapbooks and embellishments to paper and adhesives, we have everything you need to put together a thoughtful and memorable gift for someone special.

Not sure where to start? Here are three  scrapbooking tips and tricks that can help y0u make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for someone you love:

  1. Try making a scrapbook that chronicles your relationship from its start. Include keepsakes from your first few dates, greeting cards, photos, and other important pieces that help show how much you’ve grown as a couple.
  2. Include lots of quotations about love. Or, as an extra special touch, take a look back through old emails and text messages and pull quotes that you’ve written to each other to express your love and put those into the scrapbook instead.
  3. Use a scrapbook as a way to propose! Make a couples scrapbook with lots of photos, sweet quotes, captions, etc. and then, on the last page, pop the question! (You can put the ring inside a cute envelope and glue it on to the page).

Now these are just three ways to make the most of a scrapbook for your sweetie. How do you plan on wowing that special someone this Valentine’s Day?

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Stocking Stuffer for a Scrapbooker

Scalloped Craft ScissorsScrapbookers are tough people to shop for, but when you check out the selection of gifts and scrapbook supplies at, it can be easy to find the perfect gift for any scrapbooker on your list.

One of our favorite gifts to give this season is a pair of Scalloped Cut Craft Scissors. This scrapbooker’s stocking stuffer is ideal for gifting as part of a larger scrapbooking supply set or alone for a Secret Santa exchange.

These extra long, 7-inch design scissors offer a sharp cut with a 3-inch blade that will cut smooth without ripping or tearing the paper. As an ideal fit for any scrapbooker, these craft scissors are great for scrapbooking, trimming photos, rubber stamping, embossing, stationery, greeting cards, and even school projects! Yes, these scissors have ambidextrous handles and are safe for ages 8 and up. What more could you want with a pair of crafting scissors?

Get it all with these craft scissors from our selection. Any scrapbooker would love to receive them as a gift!

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Start Gearing Up For the Memories!

Red Scrapbook

Thanksgiving has come and gone and now is the perfect time to start thinking about all of the memories that will come this holiday season. Snapshots of opening presents, delicious dinners, friends, loved ones, and even the family dog….there are just so many great photo opportunities that came during the holiday season!

If you’re looking to capture those special moments and really make your holiday last, don’t forget the camera this year – or the scrapbooking supplies from Memory Scrapbooks.

At, we love to give you exactly what you need to make memories last a lifetime. We offer archival-quality Pioneer scrapbooks and photo albums that are perfect for cataloging Christmas snapshots, not to mention, Pioneer refill pages and scrapbooking supplies so that you can build a holiday scrapbook that can be passed on throughout the generations.

Make this year’s holiday season more special than the last. Take photos and put them together in something beautiful. Organize your snapshots in Pioneer scrapbooks and albums from We know it’ll make things so much more special!

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Put Together a Scrapbooker’s Gift Basket


The holidays are coming up fast and if you want to be prepared with some great gifts for a scrapbooker in your life, consider shopping the selection today at to find awesome deals on all of the essentials. In addition to great deals on scrapbooking supplies, you’ll also find some great tips (like these) for putting together a scrapbooker’s gift basket of your very own.

When putting together a gift basket for a scrapbooker in your life, be sure to have these items included:

  1. Pioneer scrapbooks and photo albums. They last long and they’re beautiful.
  2. Scrapbook adhesives. Make sure they’re acid-free!
  3. Multicolored paper for matting and page layouts.
  4. Craft scissors for creating fun borders.
  5. Stickers, embellishments, and ribbon for adding pizazz to scrapbook pages.
  6. A photo organizer, to keep all of those snapshots safe.
  7. Pens and markers, to add picture captions.
  8. Page layout templates, to help a scrapbooker when she’s stumped.
  9. Fun little note cards with scrapbooking “secrets” and tips.
  10. A thoughtful card letting her know just how much you care.

If you were making up a scrapbooker’s gift basket (or receiving one), what things would you want to see included?

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Scrapbooking Made Easy with Scrapbook Kits

Scrapbooking Kit

At, we want to make sure that scrapbooking is made easy. To help you do that, we offer a great line of scrapbooking kits that are perfect for getting you started. All of our scrapbook kits include everything you need to put together a great scrapbook from start to finish, plus, you can choose from several different options to find the one that’s right for you. Want to know our favorite? Try the 8×8 Scrapbook Kit.

Perfect for putting together your first scrapbook, our 8×8 Scrapbook Kit includes everything you need to build a fabulous creation, including:

  • 8×8 E-Z Load Post Bound Scrapbook
  • Top Loading Protector Refill Pages
  • Memory Cut Craft Scissors
  • Photo Glue Stick
  • 250 Self-Adhesive Photo Mounts
  • 250 Self-Adhesive Photo Corners
  • Multiple Design Plastic Template
  • Assorted Colored Paper
  • We also include a Project Sheet and instructions, so that it’s never been easier to create a scrapbook that looks professional and really shows off your photos. All of our scrapbooking supplies are archival safe and are made from acid-free, lignin-free, and PVC-free materials. Finally – a better way to start scrapbooking.

    Get your 8×8 scrapbooking kit today at

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    Scrapbooking For Graduates

    graduationIt’s graduation season.  Students of all ages are going to be graduating from pre-school, high school, college— you name it!  Graduation is always a memorable occasion;  and it’s a time for looking back on the graduate’s education and life up to this point.  There’s no better way to do that than with a scrapbook!

    Some things to hang on to

    • The program from graduation is a great thing to put in the scrapbook.  It has everyone’s name in it, and it’s something that you’ll want to look back on.
    • If you don’t mind things getting a little bumpy, you can go ahead and put one of the graduation tassels in there.  Oftentimes, you can order extra tassels so that you can keep on on the hat and use one for some other keepsake— like a scrapbook!
    • It might be possible to get copies of the speeches given at the ceremony.  At the very least, write down some memorable quotes so that you can look back on the advice given by the keynote speakers.
    • If you got tickets for graduation, hang on to those, too!

    Gather pictures from throughout the graduate’s life to create a nice retrospective scrapbook that culminates with his or her graduation!  However you decide to put it together, has some inspirational albums to get you started.

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