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Make Your Scrapbook Supplies Double!

scrapbooking paper

We’re not talking about doubling the size of your scrapbook supply collection. We’re talking about using your scrapbook supplies to make  something other than your latest scrapbook layouts.

Believe it or not, having a huge selection of scrapbooking supplies to choose from can actually be beneficial to more than just your scrapbooking hobby. In fact, what we’ve found is that most people have enough supplies on hand to actually make a variety of other crafts – and STILL have scrapbooking supplies left over!

If you find yourself with some mismatched or leftover embellishments, scrapbooking paper, or supplies, why not try out any of these easy craft ideas?

  1. Make a homemade greeting card for a friend or family member.
  2. Decorate paper place mats with your children for a special Mother’s Day or Father’s Day meal.
  3. Send a sweet note in your sweetie’s lunch box.

This list can go on and on, but here are three that you can try out this week.

Let us know how it goes!

Celebrate National Craft Month

scrapbooking paper

Did you know? March is National Craft Month and at, we can’t wait to celebrate!

Crafting is such a wonderful hobby and so many people choose to enjoy their free time by making things that are both memorable and beautiful. So, if you’re an active scrapbooker or just an occasional memory maker, feel free to let your crafter flag fly! We’ve got you covered with all of the latest Pioneer craft supplies so that you can take on your next project with the best adhesives, prettiest embellishments, and of coure, archival-safe photo papers.

At, we love to craft. Scrapbooking, photo album making…if it has to do with making the most of our memories, you can count us in! Be sure to shop our selection all month love to save tons on Pioneer craft supplies that are sure to help you with your latest project. Trust us – there’s no better time to start your project than during National Craft Month!

Nylon Flower Arrangement Tutorial

Hello! readers of Memory Scrapbooks

I am Hani from Craftionary
I am a new blogger who has started blogging for the love of crafts and sharing ideas. But of all the things I do I love to make new friends the most.
Craftionary works by targeting a craft line and works to create projects linked to that specific line for about 2 months. You can find a whole lot of variety categorized from nylon flowers to origami. Instant last minute recipes to home remedies and blog designs to get crafty
Today I am going to share my tutorial about nylon flowers arrangement

You will need:
Wire, floral tape, thread, stem wire, stamens and your choice of nylon
A complete guide can be found at Material and Basic Nylon Flower
To make the petals simply wound the wire around a round cap or lid and twist the end
Now cover it with nylon and thread it at the end. Then cut of the excess of nylon
  • To make purple flower make 6 petals with a wire of diameter 6 and pull the wire into oval shape.
  • Join the white stamens to the stem wire using thread. Then thread the petals one by one.
  • Shape the petals into the shape of a flower and wrap floral tape around the stem wire
  • Find detailed instructions for making petals and assembling the flower in this post Basic Nylon Flower
  • For the flower arrangement in the basket  make 4 purple colored flowers and 6 rose colored flowers.
  • Join leaves and your beautiful flower arrangement is ready to welcome the spring.
This year welcome Spring with nylon flowers and be blessed for the colors in your life. :)
A few of my favorite projects that I am loving right now

Thanks Rebecca. I enjoyed being here
I hope you will stop by and see me at Craftionary

Scrapbooking Favorite: Rainbow Photo Corners

photo corners

Photo corners can be a great way to not only adhere photos to the page, but to also add color. If you’re working with a color scheme or specific theme on the page, having matching photo corners can be a great way to make everything look polished. At, we offer a scrapbooking favorite, rainbow photo corners, so that it’s easy to put together a professional-looking scrapbook using a splash of color and a little bit of adhesive.

Each pack of these colored photo corners includes 204 self-adhesive assorted colored photo corners for mounting photos on scrapbook pages. All of these photo corners are acid-free and photo safe, which means you won’t have to worry about discoloration over time. Use them to adhere pictures, keepsakes, ticket stubs – whatever you need.

Make this scrapbooking essential part of your scrapbook kit by shopping at We guarantee you’ll love these multi-colored photo corners!

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Scrapbooking from the Heart

High resolution red 3D glass hearts for holiday or love theme

February is American Heart Month, but besides taking care of your ticker, there’s one thing that you can do to give your love of scrapbooking a bit more “heart.” Not sure what we’re talking about? Well, we have a great idea that we’d love for you to take part in.

During the month of February, we’d like to scrapbookers just like you reach out to different community organizations…and offer to scrapbook. Non-profits, charities, and other organizations often find themselves too busy to take the time to scrapbook or archive their progress or their affect on the community. By volunteering to scrapbook the organization’s history or achievements, you’re sharing your talents with an organization that truly needs the assistance. You’ll be doing good in your community, plus, you get to do what you love!

Reach out to an organization in your community this February and help them make a scrapbook that can be shown off at events, to prospective members, or for just history’s sake. It’s a thoughtful gift that you can give with your hands as well as your heart.

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Scrapbooking for Your Sweetie

Valentine's Day Scrapbook

Valentine's Day Scrapbook

Looking to make a scrapbook for your sweetie for Valentine’s Day? Let help with our selection of scrapbooking supplies and essentials. From scrapbooks and embellishments to paper and adhesives, we have everything you need to put together a thoughtful and memorable gift for someone special.

Not sure where to start? Here are three  scrapbooking tips and tricks that can help y0u make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for someone you love:

  1. Try making a scrapbook that chronicles your relationship from its start. Include keepsakes from your first few dates, greeting cards, photos, and other important pieces that help show how much you’ve grown as a couple.
  2. Include lots of quotations about love. Or, as an extra special touch, take a look back through old emails and text messages and pull quotes that you’ve written to each other to express your love and put those into the scrapbook instead.
  3. Use a scrapbook as a way to propose! Make a couples scrapbook with lots of photos, sweet quotes, captions, etc. and then, on the last page, pop the question! (You can put the ring inside a cute envelope and glue it on to the page).

Now these are just three ways to make the most of a scrapbook for your sweetie. How do you plan on wowing that special someone this Valentine’s Day?

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Super Bowl Scrapbooking!

Sports Caption Stickers

If you’re the kind of person who loves celebrating the Super Bowl each year with a party filled with friends, football, and of course, food, then why not capture this occasion year after year with a Super Bowl scrapbook? Believe it or not, there are plenty of things that you can incorporate into a Super Bowl scrapbook to make it both fun and memorable.

Start out by taking pictures of the party setup. The decorations, the food, the favors…you get the picture. Once the friends and family arrive, take photos of everyone gathering together. Don’t forget snapshots of everyone’s team gear as they wear it for good luck! When the game starts, take a few snapshots of everyone watching the game. With each exciting play, you can capture the moments when people jump out of their seats, cheer, hug, hoot, and holler. Trust us – it’s an exciting experience that you can look forward to every year!

Once you have all of your photos, put together the scrapbook pages with a team theme. Include colors, sports caption stickers, pictures, etc. that involve both teams that  year and with each passing football season, you can update your scrapbook with a few more pages. If you’re the type the loves to celebrate the Super Bowl, then this scrapbooking idea is sure to be a hit.

Celebrate National Get Organized Month

Photo Storage Box

Alright – it’s time to finally do it. It’s the perfect time to actually sit down and do something with those piles of photos and oodles of scrapbooking supplies. It’s time to put things together. It’s time to simplify. It’s time to get organized.

January is National Get Organized Month and to make things easy, has put together a list of must-have scrapbook and photo organization supplies. With a little bit of time – and with these photo organizers – it’ll be easy to get your scrapbooking area neat and tidy.

Let’s get started:

Photo organization boxes: First off, you should start by going through your photos. Toss out the ones that got developed but are away too dark or out of focus to use. Then, catalog your photos by event (or other criteria) in one of our photo organization boxes. They’re archival safe and perfect for getting those piles of photos in order after they’ve sat in a drawer or shoebox.

Scrapbooks and photo albums: Want an even better way to organize those favorite photos? Make scrapbooks or put them into albums! You can easily fill up any of our scrapbooks or photo albums with embellishments and snapshots so that they can be enjoyed and displayed, instead of packed away.

Photo storage boxes: Besides organizing and storing photos, our photo storage boxes are also perfect for packing away leftover scrapbooking supplies, embellishments, adhesives, or other crafting essentials. Choose from different sizes and designs to find the one that’s best for you.

How do you get organized?

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Scrapbook Idea: Pages with Holiday Spirit

cozy christmas 2

Christmastime is a time that’s perfect for scrapbooking and if you’re thinking of making a holiday scrapbook or Christmas scrapbook for your family to enjoy for many years to come, we have a few ideas that can help you make your pages top. Use these tips to really capture the holiday spirit in your Christmas scrapbook:

  • Instead of colored paper or backgrounds, try using wrapping paper from the presents to decorate your pages. It’s just so much more meaningful!
  • Speaking of wrapping paper, try making a “patchwork quilt” of paper by cutting out pieces and putting them together in a fun design for the cover. Once laminated, you’ll have a work of art that’s sure to celebrate the season.
  • Take plenty of pictures of the holiday chaos. Everything from bed head and pajamas down to Christmas smiles needs to be captured.
  • If you made homemade ornaments with your children this year, try including one (or at least a photo of one) on your scrapbook pages. It’ll keep the tradition alive!

What other ideas do you have for making the most of your holiday scrapbook?

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Kid-Friendly Holiday Project: Magic Reindeer Food!

two little cooks

The holiday season is upon us and if you’re ready to start celebrating with your family, why not do a fun craft project? We love making crafts with our children and to help you get in the holiday spirit, we think you’ll love this recipe/craft idea for Magic Reindeer Food! As a family favorite, this stocking stuffer is sure to delight everyone in your family, not to mention, spread some holiday cheer!

Here’s what you’ll need:
Paper or index cards
Craft scissors
Plastic baggies (or small clear food packages)
Hole Punch
1/2 cup uncooked oatmeal
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup red or green sugar crystals (as used for cake decorating)

In a plastic bag, combine together the oatmeal, sugar, and sugar crystals. Shake well and seal the bag using ribbon or the zip lock. Then, tie ribbon around the top of the bag so that it forms a pouch. Then, take the paper or index card, cut around it with craft scissors to make a playful border, and write the following message on it using the markers. Feel free to decorate the index card with a holiday theme :)

Be sure to take this magic food and sprinkle on the lawn,
On Christmas, Santa’s reindeer travel miles before the dawn.
The smell of oats and glitter path will guide them on their way
And you’ll wake up to Santa’s gifts next morn on Christmas Day!

Once that’s done, punch a hole in the corner of the index card or paper and use ribbon to tie it to the top of the pouch. This makes the label for the magic reindeer food! That’s it – you’re done!

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