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The holiday season is upon us and at, we like to think that the holidays are all about sharing and love. If you want to get a little extra love, exclusive savings, scrapbooking tips, and more from, we invite you to be our friend on Facebook. Tis the season for friendship!

Our official Facebook page is a place where scrapbookers just like you can connect with other scrapbookers, share tips, give advice, and get great deals on all of your favorite scrapbooks and supplies by top brands like Pioneer. From savings to sharing, we know you’ll love interacting with us on Facebook. Oh yes – and the special deals we offer for our Facebook friends are Santa approved!

Stop by our Facebook page today and “like” our page to take advantage of great savings, community, and all of your favorite scrapbooking tips and treats.

Happy Holidays!

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Start Gearing Up For the Memories!

Red Scrapbook

Thanksgiving has come and gone and now is the perfect time to start thinking about all of the memories that will come this holiday season. Snapshots of opening presents, delicious dinners, friends, loved ones, and even the family dog….there are just so many great photo opportunities that came during the holiday season!

If you’re looking to capture those special moments and really make your holiday last, don’t forget the camera this year – or the scrapbooking supplies from Memory Scrapbooks.

At, we love to give you exactly what you need to make memories last a lifetime. We offer archival-quality Pioneer scrapbooks and photo albums that are perfect for cataloging Christmas snapshots, not to mention, Pioneer refill pages and scrapbooking supplies so that you can build a holiday scrapbook that can be passed on throughout the generations.

Make this year’s holiday season more special than the last. Take photos and put them together in something beautiful. Organize your snapshots in Pioneer scrapbooks and albums from We know it’ll make things so much more special!

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Scrapbooking Essential: Photo Storage Boxes

Photo Storage Box

Photo storage is one of those things that simply can’t be skimped on. Those memories can last forever – but only if you take care of them properly. With a photo storage box from, that’s never a problem.

Made from acid-free materials and designed to hold over 1,100 photos, these photo storage boxes offer you an easy way to organize and store your photos so that they’re safe from fading, dust, and discoloration. Use the included divider index cards to ensure proper classification and organization. Trust us – it’s never been easier to keep your photos in order!

On the outside, a playful pattern and label so you can identify the box’s contents. Just add your photos and you’ll find that scrapbooking is much more accessible – and maybe even a little bit more fun!

Get yourself organized with this lovely photo storage box from

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Must Snap Halloween Photos

halloween pumpkin

Halloween is almost here and if you want to be prepared, be sure to follow this little checklist from We’ve outlined all of the photos you’ll need to take for putting together an awesome Halloween scrapbook or Halloween scrapbook page this year.

Here are the must-snap photos of the holiday!

  • A photo of you and your children in costume.
  • Photos of your children knocking on doors.
  • Photos of your children getting reading before trick-0r-treating (putting on the costume, makeup, etc.)
  • Photos of Halloween candy they get as they go along.
  • Photos of spooky Halloween decorations and decorated houses. Sometimes, they’re more memorable than the costumes and candy!
  • Photos of your children and their friends, all in costume.
  • Photos of your child with friends, neighbors, and family members.
  • Photos of the trick-or-treat bag as it fills up with goodies!
  • Photos of your child’s Halloween parade at school
  • Photos of your child enjoying some candy later on or the next day.

These are just a few of the photos we recommend taking. The possibilities are really endless! What photos do you enjoy taking on Halloween night?

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Hold a Scrapbooking for Survivors Event in Your Community!

breast-cancer ribbon

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and if you know a brave survivor and want to hold a benefit, we have a perfect idea. Get together with your fellow scrapbookers and start scrapbooking for charity! All you need is a venue, some supplies, and a little creativity.

Here are some tips on hosting your own Scrapbooking for Survivors event:

  • First, decide on where the proceeds of the event will go. Either donate to a breast cancer charity of your choice, or look to give the funds to a survivor or someone who is undergoing treatment.
  • Next, choose a venue that’s accessible and easy for crafting. We recommend living rooms, event halls, and other similar settings. If you can, see if the venue will donate the space to save on costs.
  • Once you have a venue, it’s time to start putting together your events. Basically, have the event be an opportunity to come together to learn scrapbooking. Charge an entry fee to cover the supplies and then teach attendees how to make a scrapbook of their very own. You can find tons of easy scrapbooking kits at
  • Don’t forget refreshments! Serve up pink foods and drinks in honor of breast cancer awareness.
  • Give everyone a pink ribbon pin to show their support for the cause.
  • Promote the event online, in the community, and anywhere else you can! Remember – the more people who get involved, the better!
  • Also, think about events for non-scrapbookers, like basket raffles and games.

Do you have any other ideas on how to have a breast cancer event in your community? Share them with us in the comments!

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The Brilliance of the Brag Book

Brag Books

Brag books are incredibly popular for new parents, grandparents, or anyone who loves to show off the growth and achievements of his or her family. If you’re a proud parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or cousin, remember that the brag book isn’t just about being able to talk. It’s also about being able to listen.

You see, the brilliance in the brag book is that it’s a conversation starter. Whether you’re at the grocery store or at a family party, a brag book can get the conversation going between old friends, new friends, and family members over what’s happening, favorite memories, and so much more. Bragging isn’t always about doing all the talking. Sharing in the conversation and sharing those special memories is what it’s all about.

At, we offer a great selection of brag books that are perfect for sharing with anyone  you may come across. Shop our selection and get those conversations started!

Celebrate National Women’s Friendship Day!

happy kids

Friendship is such a special thing and if you’re looking for the perfect way to celebrate your relationship, then you’ll think about celebrating National Women’s Friendship Day today! Each year on September 19th, best girlfriends take time out of their days to show their friends just how much they care. You can host a dinner, go out for drinks, or even make a fun friendship scrapbook – the choice is yours!

If you decide to make a friendship scrapbook for the occasion, be sure to check out the fabulous selection of Pioneer scrapbooks and scrapbooking supplies at Trust us – you’ll be able to find everything you need to make a stunning scrapbook that anyone can appreciate! Just add some love and creativity :)

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Celebrate Autumn

Autumn Scrapbook

On September 22nd, the seasons will change. Are you ready for fall?

Autumn is one of the most beautiful and serene times of year. Changing leaves, cooler temperatures, and of course, some great holidays, make fall a time for creating and storing memories. This fall, as you and your family spend the season enjoying pumpkin pie, leaf piles, and trick-or-treating, be sure to bring along the camera. You won’t want to miss a minute!

At, we know that fall can be so much fun and to help you capture this season’s memories, we offer tons of scrapbooking supplies, embellishments, and more so that you can take those photos of Halloween costumes, trips to the apple orchard, and Thanksgiving preparations and put them into something special: a fall-themed scrapbook.

Get your fall scrapbook supplies today at and start planning your autumn adventures.

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Swap Your Ideas Day!

days end

Did you know that today is a very special day? It’s true! Today is Swap Your Ideas Day and if you want to celebrate, then it’s time to put on your thinking cap and start getting creative! Scrapbooking can be a great activity to swap ideas over and if you scrapbook with some friends, neighbors, or even in a scrapbooking circle, then be sure to share some of your best tips and encourage others to do the same. Remember, scrapbooking is all about keeping those memories alive. You can always use a fresh strategy to make your pages pop!

Jot down some scrapbooking ideas or tips you may have and try to swap with some friends. Who knows? Maybe today will be the day you get the answer to that question that’s been bugging you over how to set up a scrapbook theme. Or maybe, you’ll discover that there’s an even better place to find embellishments for your layout! The possibilities are endless, but make sure you take the time today to actually do it. Get out there and start swapping your best scrapbooking tips!

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7 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day

pet scrapbook

National Pet Day is an important day for many pet owners and if you’re looking to celebrate the occasion today with your pup, has a few suggestions on how you can make the most of these special memories with your furry or feathered friends.

Here are seven ways that you can celebrate National Pet Day:

1.) Take pictures of your dog, cat, fish, bird, or other furry friend and make up a scrapbook! has all of the supplies you need to get started on a great pet scrapbook.

2.) Post pictures of you and your pet online so that your friends and family can celebrate the love you share.

3.) Enter your pet into a pet photo contest! Check your local newspaper to see if there’s a contest running or look online for different contests to enter.

4.) Create a memory board that can be hung in a favorite room of your home. Include photos of you and your pet, some quotes about pet ownership, and other fun keepsakes!

5.) Spend some time just having fun with your pet. Go for a walk, play, or give a belly rub! The possibilities are endless.

6.) Donate to a pet-related charity or volunteer your time at a local shelter.

7.) Adopt another pet! there are so many pets looking for a good home right now.

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