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Memory Scrapbooks is on Facebook! is on Facebook

We know how much you love our blog and our website— but did you know that we’re on Facebook, too?  It seems like everyone is on Facebook these days, and it’s a great place to get in touch with people that have the same interests!  Check out on Facebook and see what our friends are up to.  It’s the perfect place for you to discuss what you’re scrapping about.  You can even share some of your page layouts!

Our Facebook page is also a good way for you to get in touch with us.  Post something on our wall if you’ve got questions about the way certain products work, etc.  Other people might have the same question!  We love seeing scrappers helping one another out.  There’s no question to big or too small.  Some of our friends might be able to suggest new ways for you to use some old card stock.  Or maybe you don’t know where to begin with that vacation scrapbook.  It never hurts to ask!  We’re sure our friends are just teeming with ideas.

Get on the discussion board and share your scrapbooking passion.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

Get Ready for Cyber Monday

The Thanksgiving turkey may be packed away in the fridge, but that doesn’t mean the celebrating isn’t over. This coming Monday, at sites across the web, you’ll be able to take advantage of fabulous deals and sales that can only spell out one thing: you’ll be well on your way to completing your holiday shopping list – that’s really something to celebrate! Once you’ve saved on a new camera and maybe even a photo printer, be sure that you stop by to stock up on some fabulous scrapbooks, photo albums, and scrapbooking supplies.

Not only will you be able to use all of these things to create fabulous gifts just in the time for the holidays, but you’ll also be able to give yourself something fun to do on those snowy days up ahead! From creating holiday scrapbooks to building up fun collages that can be given as gifts, there’s going to be plenty to do for the holidays – but make sure that you get a head start by shopping the Cyber Monday deals at!

Celebrate National Scrapbooking Day!


On May 3, scrapbookers around the country will gather together to celebrate their craft during National Scrapbooking Day. This fun and festive holiday is a great opportunity to connect with other scrapbookers in your community, or even start your own scrapbook.

National Scrapbooking Day was first created by the National Scrapbooking Association as a way to celebrate and promote the art and craft of scrapbooking by honoring with a time for other scrapbookers to get together, host events, and celebrate the magic and skill involved in creating memories that last a life time. Thousands of people around the nation (and sometimes even the world!) celebrate and participate in countless scrapbooking events that occur on the day or during that week.

Take a look in the local newspaper or community calendar to see if there’s a scrapbooking event lined up in your area. If there isn’t, consider organizing one or choosing to have a scrapbooking party at your home. Invite your friends and family, stock up on snacks, and enjoy a day filled with scrapbooks, embellishments, and great memories.

International Scrapbooking Industry Day: How Did You Celebrate?


Yesterday was the 6th annual International Scrapbooking Industry – how did you celebrate?
On this special day, people around the world gather to celebrate both the growth of the scrapbooking industry as well as the people who have brought it to where it is today.

As one of the leading ways to catalog and capture special memories, scrapbooking is an important part of the history of your family. At this time of year, it’s important to show your appreciation for the original scrapbookers out there who brought the art form to where it is today – a gorgeous, expressive art that is treasured throughout generations of families.

So tell us, how did you celebrate your scrapbooking heritage yesterday? We want to know all about it!

Scrapbooking is Good for You

Feel GoodLife is full of moments that are so joyful and satisfying.  These moments are great, and are to be treasured and remembered forever.  Scrapbooks help us make these moments memories – the times that help balance the scales for the less than wonderful days we have from time to time.

A favorite quote of mine reads, “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”  Bearing this in mind can help you live a better, more fulfilled existence.

Telling yourself a story through pictures and other pieces of the past, or giving yourself some time to sit and complete a project, can be a very therapeutic, enriching exercise.  Does this sound like a familiar activity?  It should – it’s  what we do when we scrapbook!  The benefits of scrapbooking are more than just something that will keep our minds and hands busy.  Scrapbooking is an outlet that can help us forget a day that just didn’t go so well by remembering the times that were just right!

In the end, scrapbooking is a way to remind ourselves that we’ve got the proof in pictures, quotes, and newspaper clippings that we are making the most of our time, love and life!

Visit Us at our New Ning Page!

Here at we’re always trying to find new and interesting ways to share the wonderful art of scrapbooking with you!  So in the interest of sharing, we created a new page, which features photos, links to scrapbooking supplies, and a forum for you to ask questions and share ideas.

So be sure to visit us at TheEmbellishedLife.Ning.Com and check-out our new page!

Welcome to the Blog!

We hope our products help you make your memories all they can be! Everything we offer at – from Scrapbooks to Stickers – is completely archival safe. We know how important your pictures are to you, and we take great pride in offering Pioneer Memory Scrapbooks, Photo Albums and Accessories. From the industry’s most trusted name comes the best and the brightest Scrapbooking Supplies. Please check back for updates on products and scrapbooking news. And while you’re here, let us know your thoughts on what we carry, what you’d like us to carry, or just fun stories and ideas for Scrapbooking. Thanks for visiting, we hope to see you again soon!