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Other Sites And Blogs We Love!

Site We Love: Funky Finds


Funky Finds was established in March 2006 and has remained dedicated to promoting independent artists, crafters & designers worldwide. What began as a blog has blossomed into a full-service network that works to help artisans make a living doing what they are most passionate about – creating unique handmade products.

The Funky Finds blog features hip handmade items, art & craft related events worldwide, and frequent giveaways. Funky Finds also has an online marketplace, The Shops @ Funky Finds, the perfect place to buy & sell handmade goods.

Whether you like to create your own items or simply shop for unique one-of-a-kind products, Funky Finds has something for everyone! They once were funky lost, but now they are funky found!

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Our Friends: Paper Is Love

paper is love scrapbook paper

If you’re looking for inspiration, ideas or plain old crafty fun, Paper Is Love is the place to be. Paper Is Love was created by Kalyn Kepner and primarily features card-making ideas as well as tips and tricks for scrapbooking and paper crafting. Every Wednesday you’ll find Kalyn’s “Peek of the Week” which showcases a card she’s been working on – complete with a supply list! Kalyn’s work has been published in several crafting magazines and she shares her latest published work on her blog throughout the week.

Kalyn’s blog, Paper Is Love, also features storage solutions for craft supplies, inspiration from the fashion and stationery worlds and Kalyn’s own take on living a crafty lifestyle. Whether you’re new to the crafting world or a seasoned professional, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Paper Is Love – a feel-good blog that celebrates everything handmade.

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Be Our Friend on Facebook


The holiday season is upon us and at, we like to think that the holidays are all about sharing and love. If you want to get a little extra love, exclusive savings, scrapbooking tips, and more from, we invite you to be our friend on Facebook. Tis the season for friendship!

Our official Facebook page is a place where scrapbookers just like you can connect with other scrapbookers, share tips, give advice, and get great deals on all of your favorite scrapbooks and supplies by top brands like Pioneer. From savings to sharing, we know you’ll love interacting with us on Facebook. Oh yes – and the special deals we offer for our Facebook friends are Santa approved!

Stop by our Facebook page today and “like” our page to take advantage of great savings, community, and all of your favorite scrapbooking tips and treats.

Happy Holidays!

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Our Friends: Embellishments By Tina

We are always searching for people out there who are as enthused about scrapbooking and putting together photo albums as we tend to be.  Therefore, when we find someone who fits the bill, we always like to let all of you know about the wonderful site that we happened to come across.

embellishments by tina blog

The site we wanted to showcase today is Embellishments By Tina.  This site is a wealth of information for a number of reasons.  The first is that Tina offers not just great information and products that you can use for your scrapbooking efforts, but she also offers you information and pictures of how to turn vintage items into amazing decorative pieces.

Her site is broken down into two main concentrations, the scrapbooking embellishments and the various vintage projects, which is aptly named “altered art.”  Tina also has an impressive online store, where you can find many of her projects that you can incorporate into your own projects or into your own home décor.

Definitely make sure to check out Embellishments By Tina.  You’ll be glad that you did!

Our Favorite Scrapbookers on Twitter

Free twitter badge
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Twitter is a great place to find new friends, sites, and of course, great scrapbooking resources.

Here are some of our favorite scrapbookers on Twitter:

1.) @abitembellished – That’s us! On our official Twitter page, you’ll find TONS of great tips on how to scrapbook, where to find great scrapbooking supplies, and more valuable information. It’s a perfect place for any scrapbooker to hang out :)

2.) @scraplovers2 - This mixed media artist offers all kinds of tips and information on scrapbooking, mixed media art, and all of the supplies that go into creating a memorable piece of artwork. Check it out!

3.) @scrapbookwire – Looking to connect with other scrapbookers? Then check out the Scrapbook Wire, a social network for scrapbookers and all things scrapbooking. The official Twitter account offers great links, resources, and of course, opportunities to connect!

4.) @loadofscrap – This fun and stylish Twitter profile offers tips on scrapbooking, inspiration, and of course, tons of great articles from the Load Of Scrap blog. A great follow for any scrapbooker, artist, or crafter.

5.) @ACherryOnTop – As the home of the official Twitter account for ACOT Scrapbooking, this profile is full of inspirational scrapbooking ideas, a scrapbooking community, and tons of great reviews on scrapbooking products.

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Our Friend: This Crazy Life


Today we would like to take the time to introduce you to our friend Michelle Underwood and her blog:  This Crazy Life.

Michelle is a digital scrapbook page designer.  Her work is amazing and would be an incredible addition to any of your scrapbook projects.  She has a wide variety of scrapbook page designs that can fit into any theme that you may be working on.  In case you are working on a project but don’t have a lot of time, Michelle has her own store that you can visit to purchase these beautiful pages so that you can easily spruce up your own scrapbook.

So keep Michelle in mind for your projects and make sure to regularly visit This Crazy Life for more great ideas and tips!

We Love Southern Belle Scrapper!

Today we are proud to introduce our new friend, Southern Belle Scrapper.  This website is a blog dedicated to one scrapper’s true passion for the hobby.  She provides many amazing instructions for home made crafts and embellishments that you can add to any of your own scrapbooks.  Her projects are beautiful and deserve to be seen by as many people as possible!

One project that caught our eye, was the “Pushing Up Daisies” cookie container.  This cute craft is a fun project for the whole family and can really come out looking nice!  The flowers and bees found on the cookie container also help showcase the springtime.
pushing up daisies

So join us in giving our new friend a warm welcome and make sure to check out all of the wonderful crafts and information that you can find at Southern Belle Scrapper.

P.S. – Check Out the Pink Stamper!

One of my favorite things about working at is that it’s actually part of my job to keep up with what all the fabulous scrapbookers out there are up to. Pretty cool, I know! And the truth is, I really haven’t come across a bad scrapbooking blog in my travels. The beauty of this craft is that every scrapper brings their own unique personality to their albums, and I always discover something new and fantastic I can appreciate and bring to my albums, too.

However, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy and learn more from some bloggers than others, and I’m a terrible liar! Plus, it’s getting quite close to Christmas, and Santa doesn’t like a liar very much at all. So in all honesty, one of my go-to favorite ladies is Robyn from Many of you may already be familiar with The Pink Stamper, but if you aren’t, her blog is a definite must-follow! Robyn includes all the necessary ingredients for a wonderfully complete blog, from lovely layouts to inspirational instructional videos that teach you new tricks, and offer fun and fresh ideas. And most importantly for me, she lives a life worth taking pictures of, and shares her journey.

Even a blog full of the most sparkling, fantastic layouts and ideas I have ever seen loses it’s luster after awhile if the author never tells me her story. Robyn brings it all to the scrapbooking table – from Swine Flu to Marathons to her BFF Vacation. And as long as we’re on the honest path, I have to mention that her glass half-full positive outlook is refreshing. I understand that not every day can be the best day we have ever had, and I’m definitely guilty of being a grump from time to time, but it’s nice to be reminded that the bad will pass, there is much to be thankful for, and when the going gets tough, there are always Caramel Apples and Cricut Videos just a click away!

It’s More Than Whispers And Wishes…It’s A Really Great Scrapbooking Blog!

“we all have a voice inside that encourages us to be greater than we believe ourselves to be. it urges us to nurture, create and wander. that voice speaks in whispers and we repeat its urgings as wishes…” Is there a more beautiful way to be greeted?! Such was my welcome upon finding WhispersAndWishes, a wonderful blog I found on my journey for scrapping inspiration. From beautiful layouts and unique cover ideas, to dashes of humor and personal, welcoming writing, this blog is definitely one to keep an artistic eye on!

While the pictures are what one most immediately notices about most scrapbooking blogs, it is actually the written aspects of the posts I am most fond of on Whispers and Wishes. Don’t get me wrong, the Thank You Cards and Christmas Layout Idea, among many others, are awesome, but it’s the attention to the written word that is missing from so many blogs that makes this one unique. Sure, sometimes we just want to relax and look at the pretty pictures, but to keep coming back to a blog I have to feel a connection to the writer. I’ll keep coming back to WhispersAndWishes, and I hope you all will too! :)

Katie The Scrapbook Lady Keeps It Cool And Creative!

As a scrapbooker, it likely goes without saying that you have a keen eye for the fun and funky – the bright and beautiful – the colorful and cool – the amazing and awe-inspiring. That’s right, we know you’re awesome! So, where are we going with all this awareness and flattery? It’s actually somewhere we already went – we went to visit Katie the Scrapbook Lady at And we definitely liked what we saw!

A writer who isn’t a reader isn’t going to be writing anything very creative for very long, just like a scrapper who isn’t checking out what other scrappers are up to isn’t going to scrap creatively for very long. Sometimes all it takes is seeing one beautiful picture, like any of these gorgeous Earth Day Pictures Katie posted, to inspire a new, fresh album of your own! We like to keep on top of what other scrappers are up to, and we think the ScrapbookLady has a scraptastically funtastic blog we’ll be turning to time and again! Apart from gorgeous photography, there’s super unique layout ideas, wonderful deals, a personal, friendly writing style, tips that apply to all types of scrapbooking, whether you’re a traditional scrapbooker, digital scrapbooker, or you just want to try your hand at one of these super fun Badge Albums and see how terrific tiny can be!

Did I mention the ridiculously Fun Buttons! Those you’ll have to see to really appreciate the amazingness! We’re sure you’ll find Katie the Scrapbook Lady as interesting and fun to follow as we do, so head on over for a cup of creative!

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