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Scrapbooking Themes

10 Great Scrapbook Album Themes

For some scrapbookers, one of the most difficult things about scrapbooking is deciding on a theme for their scrapbooks. Maybe these 10 great scrapbook album themes will help you decide.

So many themes to choose from - like a baby scrapbook!
  1. Sports Scrapbook – Record memories from the big game in a sports themed scrapbook. These are great for people who play sports, or if your child plays a sport. You can select a certain sport, or include a few. If you include several sports inside one scrapbook you should make dividers for each sport.
  2. Baby Scrapbook – Make a divider for every year of the child’s life. This is a great gift idea for anyone with children!
  3. Mother’s Day Scrapbook – Include things you’ve made your mother, pictures of her with family members, and any other mementos. Maybe on the first page you could write a poem with a nice border around it.
  4. Holiday Scrapbook – Do you have a ton of photos from Christmas every year? Display them in a holiday themed scrapbook! You can have one for each holiday, or combine certain holidays.
  5. Graduation Scrapbook – These are great to place on a table at a graduation party! Include all of their school photos, sports photos, and tons of random photos from every school year! You can also use dividers to separate each year.
  6. Military Scrapbooks – Design one for the solider in your life. Include letters mailed, photos and other things.
  7. Vacation Scrapbook – Remember that trip to Mexico two years ago? A scrapbook would be a great way to relive those memories!
  8. Honeymoon Scrapbook – What better way to cherish these special memories?
  9. Traveling Scrapbook – Include photos from vacations you’ve been on or states you’ve traveled to. A great idea for this scrapbook theme is to include postcards from the towns, states or cities you’ve visited.
  10. Movie-Goers Scrapbook – Do you love going to movies? Save the ticket stubs, and display your movie watching ways in a scrapbook. Next to each stub you can rate the movie on a scale from 1 to 5. This rating system can come in handy a few years down the road when you can’t remember if the movie you’re about to buy was good or not

Use your imagination and see what kinds of scrapbook album themes you can think of. Make sure to let us know if you think of any good ones!

Summertime Scrapbooks Start with Scrapbook Kits

baby at the beach

Summertime is the perfect time for scrapbooking. There are vacations, backyard BBQs, weddings, graduations…there are just so many special moments that tend to happen during the warmer summer months. So, if you’ve been looking to scrapbook and haven’t figured out the perfect time to start – now is the time!

So where to begin?

Well, at, we’re the perfect place to start looking for summertime scrapbook supplies. From Pioneer scrapbooks to embellishments that make your pages shine, our selection of scrapbooking supplies is the first place to look when you want to start a summertime scrapbook of your own. Not sure what you need? The easiest way to get what you need is to start out with one of our scrapbooking kits.

Scrapbooking kits are perfect for putting together with the kids or on your own – whichever you’d rather. They include the scrapbook, paper, scissors, photo mounts, and other crafting supplies you need. All you need to do is sprinkle in some creativity and your favorite photos of summertime moments.

Make your first summer scrapbook and make the memories last with summertime scrapbooks and scrapbooking kits from

Capture the Special Moment with a Prom Scrapbook

prom photo

Prom season is here and if you’re looking to attend a prom of your own (or if you have a daughter, friend, or sister who will be attending), it’s important to remember that this night is going to be unforgettable. The memories made, the dresses that were worn, the songs that played as you danced the night away are all very special. So, why not capture the memories within a treasured heirloom that can be enjoyed for many years to come?

At, we want to make prom night perfect for you, so we offer prom scrapbooks that are perfect for filling up with your favorite keepsakes and photos. Snapshots of prom night, ticket stubs, pressed flowers, your place card, or even that coat check ticket are just a few of the things that you can put into a prom scrapbook to make it feel special. Remember, prom is an amazing experience that should be remembered always. With a prom scrapbook, it’s easy to keep those memories alive and well preserved.

All of our prom photo albums and prom scrapbooks are made using archival-safe materials and can withstand the test of time without discoloring your photos. They are durable, flexible for expanding photo collections, and beautiful, so you know you’re getting the perfect album for treasuring your memories.

Get your prom photo album or scrapbook today at

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Scrapbooking for Your Sweetie

Valentine's Day Scrapbook

Valentine's Day Scrapbook

Looking to make a scrapbook for your sweetie for Valentine’s Day? Let help with our selection of scrapbooking supplies and essentials. From scrapbooks and embellishments to paper and adhesives, we have everything you need to put together a thoughtful and memorable gift for someone special.

Not sure where to start? Here are three  scrapbooking tips and tricks that can help y0u make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for someone you love:

  1. Try making a scrapbook that chronicles your relationship from its start. Include keepsakes from your first few dates, greeting cards, photos, and other important pieces that help show how much you’ve grown as a couple.
  2. Include lots of quotations about love. Or, as an extra special touch, take a look back through old emails and text messages and pull quotes that you’ve written to each other to express your love and put those into the scrapbook instead.
  3. Use a scrapbook as a way to propose! Make a couples scrapbook with lots of photos, sweet quotes, captions, etc. and then, on the last page, pop the question! (You can put the ring inside a cute envelope and glue it on to the page).

Now these are just three ways to make the most of a scrapbook for your sweetie. How do you plan on wowing that special someone this Valentine’s Day?

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Super Bowl Scrapbooking!

Sports Caption Stickers

If you’re the kind of person who loves celebrating the Super Bowl each year with a party filled with friends, football, and of course, food, then why not capture this occasion year after year with a Super Bowl scrapbook? Believe it or not, there are plenty of things that you can incorporate into a Super Bowl scrapbook to make it both fun and memorable.

Start out by taking pictures of the party setup. The decorations, the food, the favors…you get the picture. Once the friends and family arrive, take photos of everyone gathering together. Don’t forget snapshots of everyone’s team gear as they wear it for good luck! When the game starts, take a few snapshots of everyone watching the game. With each exciting play, you can capture the moments when people jump out of their seats, cheer, hug, hoot, and holler. Trust us – it’s an exciting experience that you can look forward to every year!

Once you have all of your photos, put together the scrapbook pages with a team theme. Include colors, sports caption stickers, pictures, etc. that involve both teams that  year and with each passing football season, you can update your scrapbook with a few more pages. If you’re the type the loves to celebrate the Super Bowl, then this scrapbooking idea is sure to be a hit.

Scrapbook Idea: Pages with Holiday Spirit

cozy christmas 2

Christmastime is a time that’s perfect for scrapbooking and if you’re thinking of making a holiday scrapbook or Christmas scrapbook for your family to enjoy for many years to come, we have a few ideas that can help you make your pages top. Use these tips to really capture the holiday spirit in your Christmas scrapbook:

  • Instead of colored paper or backgrounds, try using wrapping paper from the presents to decorate your pages. It’s just so much more meaningful!
  • Speaking of wrapping paper, try making a “patchwork quilt” of paper by cutting out pieces and putting them together in a fun design for the cover. Once laminated, you’ll have a work of art that’s sure to celebrate the season.
  • Take plenty of pictures of the holiday chaos. Everything from bed head and pajamas down to Christmas smiles needs to be captured.
  • If you made homemade ornaments with your children this year, try including one (or at least a photo of one) on your scrapbook pages. It’ll keep the tradition alive!

What other ideas do you have for making the most of your holiday scrapbook?

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Scrapbooking For Graduates

graduationIt’s graduation season.  Students of all ages are going to be graduating from pre-school, high school, college— you name it!  Graduation is always a memorable occasion;  and it’s a time for looking back on the graduate’s education and life up to this point.  There’s no better way to do that than with a scrapbook!

Some things to hang on to

  • The program from graduation is a great thing to put in the scrapbook.  It has everyone’s name in it, and it’s something that you’ll want to look back on.
  • If you don’t mind things getting a little bumpy, you can go ahead and put one of the graduation tassels in there.  Oftentimes, you can order extra tassels so that you can keep on on the hat and use one for some other keepsake— like a scrapbook!
  • It might be possible to get copies of the speeches given at the ceremony.  At the very least, write down some memorable quotes so that you can look back on the advice given by the keynote speakers.
  • If you got tickets for graduation, hang on to those, too!

Gather pictures from throughout the graduate’s life to create a nice retrospective scrapbook that culminates with his or her graduation!  However you decide to put it together, has some inspirational albums to get you started.

Easter Scrapbooking


Like with most holidays, these days become a great time to capture some holiday snapshots and put together a scrapbook to showcase your favorite memories. With the holiday of Easter, look forward to capturing pictures of the young ones with their Easter dresses and bonnets, fun times at the egg hunt, poses with the Easter bunny and more. Plus, this holiday allows you to scrapbook with pretty pastels and bunny, chicks and spring flower embellishments.

Not a child’s first Easter? Collect pictures from past Easters and create a collage of pictures throughout the years.

Remember the “firsts” of this holiday. Those can be the first picture with the Easter bunny, the first egg hunt or his or her first Easter basket.

For many, Easter is about the religious significance rather than the materialistic things. Focus on your faith on your scrapbook pages. There may be things that are part of your life that are symbolic and journaling about these experiences in an Easter scrapbooking is another technique to consider.

Creating a single scrapbook for Easter or including a few Easter pages to your Holiday scrapbook is a great way to cherish your pictures and to celebrate each of the holidays. Easter will be here before you know it, so make sure you have your camera ready and brainstorm some Easter related page layouts.

Scrapbook Those Field Trips!

Back to school season is already in full swing and you know what that means: field trips. If you or your child are planning to attend a field trip in the near future, be sure that you’re saving the memories and preserving the experience by creating a Field Trip Scrapbook. Filled to the brim with all the things that help to make your trip experience special, these unique and fun field trips can be great additions to any personal collection or classroom, especially when you want to keep those school day memories alive for a lifetime.

If you’re thinking of scrapbooking your field trips and really making the experience one of a kind, consider a few of these tips from

1.Bring along your digital camera or at least a disposable camera to take pictures of educational and historical sites and exhibits. Be sure to use the flash when needed to get great photos, but be careful. Some field trips don’t allow pictures in certain areas or flash can become impossible when dealing with a glass museum case.
2.Keep your ticket stubs or entrance passes to use in your scrapbook.
3.Grab a few brochures for the site on your way out. These can be used to add personality and flair to your scrapbook pages and set the tone for your scrapbook.
4.Pick up some souvenir stickers or postcards at the gift shop to commemorate your trip.

Football Scrapbooks Kick Off Your Season

Football season should be starting up soon, so if you know a football player that’s just about to kick off his next season, be sure that you’re capturing all of those special moments by packing along a digital camera when you attend practices and games. Once you’ve got all the photos to catalog this big season, put everything together in a fun and festive Football Scrapbook using supplies and inspiration from


Designed to commemorate your son’s achievements in his favorite sport, Football Scrapbooks can be a great way to capture all of those memories and keep them well preserved so that he can enjoy them for many years to come. To start out, take tons of pictures during games, practices, and homecoming events. Get them developed and then use a scrapbook from organize them all. To your collection of photos, also add tickets to games, programs, newspaper clippings, little pieces of spirit wear, and great football-themed embellishments. Once it’s put all together, you’ll have a stunning scrapbook to remember this special season by.

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