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Seasonal Scrapbooks

Get Ready for Cyber Monday

The Thanksgiving turkey may be packed away in the fridge, but that doesn’t mean the celebrating isn’t over. This coming Monday, at sites across the web, you’ll be able to take advantage of fabulous deals and sales that can only spell out one thing: you’ll be well on your way to completing your holiday shopping list – that’s really something to celebrate! Once you’ve saved on a new camera and maybe even a photo printer, be sure that you stop by to stock up on some fabulous scrapbooks, photo albums, and scrapbooking supplies.

Not only will you be able to use all of these things to create fabulous gifts just in the time for the holidays, but you’ll also be able to give yourself something fun to do on those snowy days up ahead! From creating holiday scrapbooks to building up fun collages that can be given as gifts, there’s going to be plenty to do for the holidays – but make sure that you get a head start by shopping the Cyber Monday deals at!

Thanksgiving is a Time for Family

November is here – can you believe it? If you’re like most people, you’re probably just starting to gear up for the holiday season. Pretty soon, Thanksgiving will be here in full swing and you’ve got to be prepared – especially if you’re planning on having a Turkey Day celebration in your home. If you’re planning to play host on that special day, be sure that you don’t forget about what’s really important in between trussing the turkey and trying to serve up enough cranberry sauce: family.

The holidays, and Thanksgiving especially, are a time to spend with family. So as you begin to put together your plans for the perfect Thanksgiving celebration, remember to take some time to really entertain and engage with your guests. Spend some time outside of the kitchen looking through old photo albums and scrapbooks or watch home movies instead of the game on TV. The important thing is that you just take time to cherish what’s important. Let you family know how much you care this Thanksgiving. After all, they are your best blessing!

Tips for a Spooktacular Halloween Scrapbook

The big night has almost arrived, so we wanted to share some last minute tips to help you capture all the Halloween fun and frights in your scrapbook this year.

  1. Most important – have your camera ready! Are your batteries charged? Is the memory card already busting at the seams? Don’t wait until the last minute to find out your camera is out of juice – check it now!
  2. Take a few minutes at the start of the night to get pictures of everyone in their costumes. Once the kids are out trick or treating, or the party get started, it will become difficult to gather everyone for those group shots.
  3. Think about themes based on costumes – if your son is going to be a scarecrow, try adding a few pieces of hay to the page!
  4. Don’t forget the details! Take pictures of your decorations and of any spooky houses you see in the neighborhood.
  5. Start collecting some Halloween scrapbooking supplies and embellishments, if you haven’t already.
  6. Look for other seasonal images online that you can use to compliment your pictures.
  7. Carving pumpkins this year? Don’t forget to take a picture or two or any other traditional fall activities you do.

Happy Halloween and happy scrapbooking all!

Easter Scrapbooks for Joyful Baskets

Easter Basket

Do you remember what it was like to get that perfect basket on Easter morning? What it filled with eggs? Candy? Little gifts? Baby chicks?

Easter baskets are a fun and festive way to celebrate the magic of spring with your family. This year, instead of thinking about going traditional for the occasion, do something a bit more fun and inspired and create an Easter Scrapbook for your children to enjoy!

To start, choose a festive scrapbook from Next, fill it up with photographs of Easter mornings past, pictures of springtime flowers, baby chicks, bunnies, or other creatures that delight your child and capture the spirit of the season. Don’t forget to leave room for captions, little notes, and spaces for Easter cards so that your child can fill up this wonderful little book for many Easters to come!

After you’ve made your scrapbook, add it to your decorative baskets along with a few other yummy surprises!

Celebrate the Springtime With a Scrapbook of Memories

April is right around the corner, and though spring has not arrived in full force, the cold is finally starting to let up. Gone is the dark, melancholy atmosphere of the winter season, and in its wake lies the collective good spirit of those excited about the changing climate. It’s truly a time to rejoice, especially since the Easter Bunny will be hopping to our doors at any moment. The number of springtime smiles is ever-growing, and if you’re a giving person who’d like to add a few, can help.


We can never have too much joy, so why not inject some flavor into the spring stew by collecting your loved ones’ most precious memories in a well-planned, elegant scrapbook? There’s nothing more pleasant than reflecting on happier times from the past. It reminds us of who we were and enables us to see who we’ve become, but ultimately, it never fails to put a smile on one’s face. A scrapbooks is a gift that keeps giving, so if you’d like to improve your loved ones’ quality of life, stop by and order one today!

Valentine Gift Idea: A Romantic Riddle

Couple in Love

Sometimes all you need is a little mystery to pull off a grand surprise that your sweetie will remember for years to come. This Valentine’s Day, instead of opting for the traditional flowers and candy, why not create something extra special (and extra romantic) instead? Send your girl or guy on a treasure hunt they’ll never forget by making them a romantic scrapbook using the Scrapbooks and supplies from!

To make this plan work, all you need are some pictures, a bit of cleverness, and creativity. First, start out with an empty scrapbook. Fill it up with pages that capture special memories that you and your special someone have shared over the years. Every few pages, make up a clue page that will lead them to a greater treasure (you decide what!). Throughout the scrapbook, take pictures of clues and paste them in, or create some interesting clues of your own! Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, include a homemade treasure map that incorporates trivia about your relationship. The possibilities are endless!

Just remember to have some fun this Valentine’s Day and share in the excitement of solving a riddle of romance – the best Valentine’s Day present of all!

New Years Crafting Resolutions: Do Something For You!

New Years Resolution

As a New Year rolls in with a new set of stresses and responsibilities, remember that you have to also make time to enjoy the things in life that make you happy. If you consider yourself to be a creative individual, why not consider developing your crafting capabilities during 2009? Crafting can be a great stress releaser, as well as a great way to cultivate your creativity, experiment with various mediums, and get the most out of your artistic talents.

For some, crafting means making tissue boxes or other household wares that can be displayed or given as gifts. However, take that idea one step further and you can do something that you can pass down for generations in your family. Scrapbooking is just one popular crafting technique that you can get into for 2009. Simply use your imagination, some family snapshots, and you’ve got a photo album that packs even more of a punch.

To get started on your New Year’s resolution, start stocking up on Scrapbook Supplies at! You can find just about everything you need (except for photos!) to create a gorgeous family scrapbook that you’ll treasure for years to come.

Baby’s First Christmas!

When a child is born, just about every moment begs to be captured. However, there is one event in a baby’s life that takes this unspoken rule to photograph it all and pushes it to the limit. That event is Baby’s First Christmas!

For many families, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, so it is only natural that new parents want to make a baby’s first Christmas one that could be remembered for a lifetime. If you’re a new set of parents who are looking for a permanent way to commemorate this wonderful occasion, may we offer you a suggestion? Make a Baby Scrapbook!

With the excitement of the day, we’re going to assume that most of the day was spent saying “Smile!” Once the wrappings and ribbons have had a chance to settle (January? April?!), gather all the photos and negatives and divide them into groups. This way you choose the best of each group of photos, such as opening presents, playing with toys, and dinner pictures, to create a well-rounded Baby Scrapbook of that special first visit from Santa! Other items that could be included are samples of the wrapping paper, holiday cards, and ribbons and bows to accent each page.

If you take care in the placement of the photos, you will have an amazing memento for your child and your family to cherish for years to come.

Stocking Stuffers For Scrappers!

If you are a scrapbooker, or know a scrapbooker, you are keenly aware that there are never too many supplies, embellishments or albums to be had! Ideally, we would all live in houses packed with stickers, cut-outs and templates, and the holidays give you an opportunity to help feed their scrapping fever! put together a fun list of options to help that hanging sock brim with scrapbooking goodness.

Metallic Gel Pens – Available in a four-pack, with two silver pens and two gold, these non-toxic pens are both beautiful and archival safe! Never one to sacrifice the quality for the sparkle, Pioneer developed these with style and preservation in mind. The 0.8mm tip makes these ideal for many projects!

Red-Eye Remover Pen – Don’t cry over red-eye! This dual-tipped pen quickly erases that dreaded red-eye on photos of family, friends and pets. You’re just a quick swipe away from your photos looking more heavenly than evil!

3-D Self-Adhesive Stickers – They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which breaks down to a lot of letters! Ours are archival safe, durable, and most importantly, silver! These look gorgeous on any color page, but for an extra dose of ‘wow’, consider bright neons or jewel tones.

Happy Holidays from your friends at!

Ring in the New Year with a Reflection

Measuring a year isn’t just about the amount of bills you paid and the age that you turned. This January, ring in the New Year with a sense of reflection and renewal. Look back on this year’s trials and triumphs and use this information to make yourself better prepared for the twelve months that lie ahead. It has often been said that history repeats itself – do you want to have another fantastic year?

This form of self-evaluation can prove to be a great motivator as you begin this new chapter. Also, it can help you meet new goals or even keep your resolution. A new year starts off with a clean slate, but you have to read what you’ve already written before it’s time to erase it.

One way to do this is to talk to your family and friends. Hold a New Years Reflection Event at your home where you and your loved ones can gather together, share stories and memories, and reflect on the coming year. Pass out notebooks or pieces of paper to your guests so they can take notes or write down their thoughts.

Another great way is to make a Yearly Scrapbook. Fill it with photographs, notes, to-do lists that you’ve accomplished, or other keepsakes that can help you remember how eventful and enlightening your year was. Be sure to leave a bit of room for a journal response too!

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