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It’s Never Too Late to Go Back to School

Back to School Supplies

For scrapbooking that is! Studying up on scrapbooking can be a great way to improve your skills and to learn more about the craft itself so you can turn this simple hobby into a passion. No matter what your skill level or experience in scrapbooking, know that there’s always something new to learn. From making your own embellishments to designing great layouts, the things you can learn from others are amazing. All you have to do is take time to open yourself up to an education.

So where can you find great scrapbooking tips? Well, for starters, keep checking back with us on the official blog. We love to keep you updated with fresh ideas and techniques that can make scrapbooking even better. If you’re on Twitter, you can also give us a follow: @ABitEmbellished.

For scrapbookers of all types and skill levels, you can also feel free to check out other scrapbooking blogs, how-to pages, forums, books, and even online courses. It’s all about what method works best for inspiring you. If you’re looking for something a bit more one on one, try starting up a scrapbooking club in your community so that you can learn from each other, or by visiting your local craft store. Either way, you’ll be on your way to creating beautiful scrapbooks!

Scrapbooking Tip: Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers can be beautiful accents on your scrapbook pages, especially if the blooms hold special significance. If you want to preserve a few petals from your wedding bouquet, prom corsage, or another bunch of flowers, follow these easy tips.

First, choose a flower that is still quite fresh and remove all of the excess foliage. Remember, focus on what part of the flower you really want (the bud, the petals, or the leaves.) Next, place your flower between two sheets of paper, keeping in mind the way you want the flower to look when pressed. Try to adjust your flower to avoid overlapping.Then, take a thicker book and place the two sheets of paper and flower in between the pages, leaving at least 1/8 inch between pressings. Place several heavier books on top of the pressing book and wait a week or two. Once you open the pages, you should see beautiful pressed flowers.

To preserve them and keep them free from damage, try encasing the booms in wax, hot glue, or embossing enamel. You can also put your blooms into a transparency or shadow box for easy display.

How to Start Scrapbooking

Old Photographs

Learning something new can be a great opportunity for you to start up a new passion or hobby. From painting to golf, crafting to cooking, there are plenty of ways that you can choose to spend your spare time. Scrapbooking is just another one of those options, but unlike other hobbies, it allows for you to express your creativity in a way that immortalizes your favorite memories. By creating a scrapbook to capture your family photos and keepsakes, you’re making an investment for the future. You’re making something beautiful that can be passed down through the generations. You’re creating something that’s more than just a family album.

To get started scrapbooking, all you need are a few supplies, your family photos, some keepsakes, and your creativity. It’s that simple! Here are the steps to starting your first scrapbook.

1.First, start out by purchasing a scrapbook, some glue, a pair of scissors, and a nice pen.
2.Next, sort through your crafting area and scrounge up some buttons, stickers, fabric scraps, or ribbons that can be used as embellishments.
3.Then, look through your albums and choose family photos, newspaper clippings, programs, or ticket stubs that mean something special to you.
4.Put them all together on dedicated pages throughout your book. Try to write in captions, notes, or other information about the photos or about a special event. Be sure that you’re dividing your scrapbook up by themed pages.
5.Decorate your pages using the embellishments you’ve created from your craft room scraps or choose some professionally-made ones to add flair.
6.Share and enjoy!

Easy Photography Tips Everyone Can Use


Even if your photos are just for your family album, it doesn’t mean they can’t be good. Taking good pictures doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a huge, expensive camera. In fact, with a few easy pointers, many people can produce gorgeous images using their own point-and-shoot. To get you started on the road to taking perfect pictures for your photo album or scrapbook, offers these easy photography tips:

1.One of the best things you can do is to take pictures regularly. By starting a tradition of capturing memories now, you can be sure that you don’t miss out on anything big later. Plus it can help you track your family’s growth.
2.Be patient when it comes time to take the picture. You may not get it right the first time, but give it another shot. Also, be sure that you’re waiting for the right moment. Once it’s there, shoot quickly.
3.When shooting pets, children, or baby, shoot at eye level. This allows for the picture to really bring you in to the scene.
4.Always keep extra memory cards and batteries on hand. That way, you can be sure that you’re always prepared to capture every moment.
5.Get close to your photography subject. Just be sure that your camera is focused.
6.Stay within your flash range. Most cameras tend to have a range of about 6 to 10 feet, so try to stay within your zone, and adjust your flash strength accordingly.
7.Avoid red eye by using asking your subject to look at your shoulder rather than at the camera.
8.When taking a picture of a person or object, use a plain background. This will keep the focus directly on your subject.
9.To add dimension to your photos, shift your focus away from the middle.
10.Always be mindful of your surroundings. Make sure that everything you want in the picture is there and looks good. This is a great tip for group pictures – be sure you can see everyone!

Scrapbooking Tip: Use Ribbon


Ribbon can be used for more than just wrapping up gifts. In fact, when you use ribbon right, you can create beautiful scrapbooking details and accents that are sure to add beauty and personality to your favorite craft. But once you’ve selected your rolls, picked the colors, and chosen the sizes, what can you do with your ribbon to make your scrapbook special? Here are 5 ways to use ribbon in your next scrapbook:

1.To make a decorative spine, tie ribbons around spiral bound books.

2.Create a fun page border by cutting strips of ribbon and and using them to frame your favorite photos or pages. Use brads, staples, or glue to create fun and festive accent pieces for your pages or cover.

3.Make bows, stripes, or other patterns using ribbon on your scrapbook’s cover.

4.Accent a page or a photo using a ribbon bow , or a ribbon bow with a little charm or keepsake.

5.Create a fun scrapbook bookmark by attaching a decorated, colorful ribbon to the binding of your scrapbook and letting it sit between the pages.

5 More Ways to Stretch Your Scrapbook Budget

Just a few weeks ago, we posted some great ideas on how to trim down your costs on scrapbooking and how to stretch your supplies. After digging a bit deeper and checking with some creative scrapbookers just like you, we’ve uncovered five more great ways for you to save on your scrapbooking hobby.

1.Repurpose your child’s school binders as scrapbooks. Fill them up with your own custom pages and decorate the covers for a fun and easy scrapbooking solution.

2.Print your own pictures instead of sending them to the photo lab by investing in good printer paper and photo quality ink. Just be sure that your printer can handle it!

3.Don’t be afraid to use feathers, beads, and leftover crafting supplies to decorate your scrapbooks or to personalize.

4.Have your scrapbook double as a journal by including entries in between picture pages or creating a separate section just for journaling, sketching, or jotting down ideas.

5.Ask your child’s school, a local youth center, or an art studio to save their scraps for you to use. Not only will you be saving them the hassle of recycling, but they’ll feel great knowing that their scraps are going to a great cause: capturing family memories!


Prom Scrapbooks Make the Memories Last

May is prom month, so it’s important to start thinking about how you’re going to capture those special memories for a high school student you care about. With countless photos from the special night and portraits done by a professional photographer, organizing prom memories can seem a bit tricky. However, when you use some of the scrapbooking supplies from, making a prom night scrapbook is as easy as one-two-three!

Prom Corsage

1.Gather the Keepsakes
The first step in creating a beautiful prom scrapbook is to gather together all of the photos, the program, ticket stubs, or other keepsakes that could be a valuable addition to the book.

2.Organize in a Scrapbook
Next, organize and insert your keepsakes into an archival quality scrapbook that fits your prom theme or personality. offers a great selection to choose from.

3.Embellish and Add Personality
Add some personality to your scrapbook by writing in notes, captions, embellishments, and other decoration to make the pages come to life. Don’t’ be afraid to be creative here!

Scrappin’ 101: Scrapbooking Non-Photo Items

Question: “Hi! I’m looking to scrapbook some items that aren’t photographs and I was wondering what is the best way to do so…The things that I’m looking to scrapbook include old family documents, some show programs, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, and ticket stubs. What can I do? ”
Barb, Tennesee

Scrapbook Collage

Answer: Hi Barb! When it comes to scrapbooking non-photo items, keep many of the same concepts for traditional scrapbooking in mind. You need to create a layout that you’re happy with and you have be sure that you have a scrapbook that can accommodate what you want to fill it with. Tickets and programs may be easy to scrap, but some magazine or newspaper articles can prove to be more difficult. Choose a scrapbook that can meet the sizes you need.

You may want to think about testing the pH of your papers and then using an archival misting spray to balance (just in case). You can also think about laminating your clippings before pasting them into your scrapbook using a safe adhesive.

Also, to save these items from discoloration, fading, and overall wear and tear from age, be sure to choose a scrapbook that’s archival quality and uses acid and lignin free papers. is a great place to find Scrapbooks to meet your archival quality and sizing needs.

Once you have your materials in order, start scrapping as if you were using photos. Remember, use your imagination and be creative! We hope this helps!

Valentine Gift Idea: A Romantic Riddle

Couple in Love

Sometimes all you need is a little mystery to pull off a grand surprise that your sweetie will remember for years to come. This Valentine’s Day, instead of opting for the traditional flowers and candy, why not create something extra special (and extra romantic) instead? Send your girl or guy on a treasure hunt they’ll never forget by making them a romantic scrapbook using the Scrapbooks and supplies from!

To make this plan work, all you need are some pictures, a bit of cleverness, and creativity. First, start out with an empty scrapbook. Fill it up with pages that capture special memories that you and your special someone have shared over the years. Every few pages, make up a clue page that will lead them to a greater treasure (you decide what!). Throughout the scrapbook, take pictures of clues and paste them in, or create some interesting clues of your own! Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, include a homemade treasure map that incorporates trivia about your relationship. The possibilities are endless!

Just remember to have some fun this Valentine’s Day and share in the excitement of solving a riddle of romance – the best Valentine’s Day present of all!

A Must Read for Scrapbookers!

Scrapbookers - It's a Must Read!

“People have always found ways to document their family histories. The logic is, ‘I may be gone tomorrow, but by God, my life is documented on a page,’” shares author and graphic designer Jessica Helfand in a recent article in the Denver Post about her recent book release, Scrapbooks: An American History. “There’s something about the act of writing down what’s happened to you, pasting in a sugar wrapper from a significant meal at a restaurant, or a ticket from a play. It’s a way of stopping time.”

Since the book’s publication, it’s become a scrapbooker’s favorite. According to the book’s official website, the piece includes color photographs from more than 200 scrapbooks; some made by private individuals and others by the famous, including: Zelda Fitzgerald, Lillian Hellman, Anne Sexton, Hilda Doolittle and Carl Van Vechten. Scrapbooks, while generally made by amateurs, represent a striking and authoritative form of visual autobiography. Helfand finds when viewed collectively they offer a unique perspective on the changing pulses of American cultural life.

For more information on scrapbooking and how you can start one as part of your legacy, check out the great selection of Scrapbooking Supplies from

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