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Put Together a Scrapbooker’s Gift Basket


The holidays are coming up fast and if you want to be prepared with some great gifts for a scrapbooker in your life, consider shopping the selection today at to find awesome deals on all of the essentials. In addition to great deals on scrapbooking supplies, you’ll also find some great tips (like these) for putting together a scrapbooker’s gift basket of your very own.

When putting together a gift basket for a scrapbooker in your life, be sure to have these items included:

  1. Pioneer scrapbooks and photo albums. They last long and they’re beautiful.
  2. Scrapbook adhesives. Make sure they’re acid-free!
  3. Multicolored paper for matting and page layouts.
  4. Craft scissors for creating fun borders.
  5. Stickers, embellishments, and ribbon for adding pizazz to scrapbook pages.
  6. A photo organizer, to keep all of those snapshots safe.
  7. Pens and markers, to add picture captions.
  8. Page layout templates, to help a scrapbooker when she’s stumped.
  9. Fun little note cards with scrapbooking “secrets” and tips.
  10. A thoughtful card letting her know just how much you care.

If you were making up a scrapbooker’s gift basket (or receiving one), what things would you want to see included?

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