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5 Ways to Save on Scrapbooking


1.Clip craft store coupons whenever you see sale. This can help you save on expensive scrapbook embellishments, templates, and accents that normally would cost a fortune. Also, when clipping coupons, consider materials that you could cut or make something with yourself.

2.Trim and make your own paper using wallpaper scraps, newspaper, or other non traditional materials. Be creative! When you’re done, conserve your pages by using multiple photos on a page rather than just one picture.

3.Swap materials with a friend. This can be a great way to get a scrapbooking circle started, not to mention, you may get your hands on some really great embellishments, specialty scissors, ribbons, or papers!

4.Make your own stickers by buying sticker paper at an office supply store and find graphics online to print. Just be sure your printer can handle it first.

5.Shop at for all of your favorite Pioneer scrapbooks and supplies at fabulous prices. Keep your eye for special deals and sales throughout the season!

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