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Attention Teachers: Photo Projects for Students!


If you’re a teacher, you already know how much fun it can be to create art with your students, but when was the last time you decided to do something creative with photos? Drawing some inspiration from, has compiled three great ways for you to share in some school day fun with your student with these fabulous photo art activities. Enjoy!

Travel the World
At the beginning of the school year encourage students to bring in a photo from their summer vacation. If they traveled away from home, pin the picture to the spot on a large map of the world or of the United States. Not only will your students get to share their adventures, but the entire class room will get to see the world without leaving their desks! Great for using in a Geography lesson.

Photo Scavenger Hunt
To help students become familiar with their new surroundings at the beginning of the school year, have a photo scavenger hunt. Take pictures of items around the classroom and have the kids find them by looking at the picture. This can also be a great activity for the entire school!

Everything In Its Place
For a fun visual way of marking whose cubby is whose, tape a picture of the owner to the door. This would also work for desks and chairs, coat hooks, or other class room storage spaces. On the crafts or supplies drawers, add a picture of scissors to show where the scissors are and a picture of crayons to identify the crayon drawer and so forth. You’ll notice fewer questions from students and much more creativity!

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