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Baby’s First Christmas!

When a child is born, just about every moment begs to be captured. However, there is one event in a baby’s life that takes this unspoken rule to photograph it all and pushes it to the limit. That event is Baby’s First Christmas!

For many families, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, so it is only natural that new parents want to make a baby’s first Christmas one that could be remembered for a lifetime. If you’re a new set of parents who are looking for a permanent way to commemorate this wonderful occasion, may we offer you a suggestion? Make a Baby Scrapbook!

With the excitement of the day, we’re going to assume that most of the day was spent saying “Smile!” Once the wrappings and ribbons have had a chance to settle (January? April?!), gather all the photos and negatives and divide them into groups. This way you choose the best of each group of photos, such as opening presents, playing with toys, and dinner pictures, to create a well-rounded Baby Scrapbook of that special first visit from Santa! Other items that could be included are samples of the wrapping paper, holiday cards, and ribbons and bows to accent each page.

If you take care in the placement of the photos, you will have an amazing memento for your child and your family to cherish for years to come.

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