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Celebrate Your Heritage with an Irish Scrapbook!

Irish Flag

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner – are you ready? As a fun and interesting way to celebrate this fabulous holiday and your Irish heritage, why not make an Irish Scrapbook that’s perfect for cataloging what this holiday means to you.

Whether you’ve recently been on a trip to Ireland or if you’re just looking for a place to catalog your family’s journey from the Emerald Isle to United States, a scrapbook is the perfect place to store your photos and keepsakes. Fill your Irish scrapbook with items like a family tree, photographs of the Irish countryside, a plane ticket or receipts for your trip, letters and photographs of Irish ancestors, St. Patrick’s Day parade photos and more! Remember, this book is a celebration of your heritage, so be creative! has all of the scrapbooking tools you need to get started on building an Irish scrapbook that’s more valuable than a pot of gold.

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