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Easter Scrapbooking


Like with most holidays, these days become a great time to capture some holiday snapshots and put together a scrapbook to showcase your favorite memories. With the holiday of Easter, look forward to capturing pictures of the young ones with their Easter dresses and bonnets, fun times at the egg hunt, poses with the Easter bunny and more. Plus, this holiday allows you to scrapbook with pretty pastels and bunny, chicks and spring flower embellishments.

Not a child’s first Easter? Collect pictures from past Easters and create a collage of pictures throughout the years.

Remember the “firsts” of this holiday. Those can be the first picture with the Easter bunny, the first egg hunt or his or her first Easter basket.

For many, Easter is about the religious significance rather than the materialistic things. Focus on your faith on your scrapbook pages. There may be things that are part of your life that are symbolic and journaling about these experiences in an Easter scrapbooking is another technique to consider.

Creating a single scrapbook for Easter or including a few Easter pages to your Holiday scrapbook is a great way to cherish your pictures and to celebrate each of the holidays. Easter will be here before you know it, so make sure you have your camera ready and brainstorm some Easter related page layouts.

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