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Football Scrapbooks Kick Off Your Season

Football season should be starting up soon, so if you know a football player that’s just about to kick off his next season, be sure that you’re capturing all of those special moments by packing along a digital camera when you attend practices and games. Once you’ve got all the photos to catalog this big season, put everything together in a fun and festive Football Scrapbook using supplies and inspiration from


Designed to commemorate your son’s achievements in his favorite sport, Football Scrapbooks can be a great way to capture all of those memories and keep them well preserved so that he can enjoy them for many years to come. To start out, take tons of pictures during games, practices, and homecoming events. Get them developed and then use a scrapbook from organize them all. To your collection of photos, also add tickets to games, programs, newspaper clippings, little pieces of spirit wear, and great football-themed embellishments. Once it’s put all together, you’ll have a stunning scrapbook to remember this special season by.

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