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Hand Stamp Scrapbook

scrapbook your handprints

When babies are born, the hospital staff usually gets prints of their hands and their feet.  It’s done in order to get an idea of the baby’s size.  But it also creates a cute little memento of your child’s first few moments in this world.  There’s no reason to stop the stamping fun, though.  You can create a cute little hand stamp scrapbook in the years to come.  It’s a great way to mark your child’s growth and get them involved in scrapbooking all at the same time!

Get stamping

  • You can use the feet stamps provided by the hospital to get your scrapbook going.  But you can also do a more colorful version when you get your baby home.  Either way, you definitely want those “new baby” prints in your book.
  • As your child grows, let them pick out some fun multi-colored scrapbook paper.  You can get some non-toxic paint and have them stamp their own hand onto the paper.  Try to get some contrast.  Don’t use green paint on green paper— no matter how much your child might want to!
  • You can probably cap this project off when your child turns 12 or so.  By that point, their hands will probably be done growing.  If you want to continue the project, you might have your child create little hand print art projects to include, instead.

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