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Honor Servicemen and Women with American Flag Scrapbooks!

American Flag Scrapbook

As we said before, the July 4th holiday is a big thing for most of us and as we look for new ways to celebrate and honor the troops at home, there is something that you might not have tried yet: patriotic scrapbooking.

Great for giving to an member of the armed services as a gift or just for keeping together all of those July 4th memories, patriotic scrapbooks can be one way for you to celebrate Independence Day within your home. Simply gather up photos of July 4th picnics and fireworks, or keep it military themed with military scrapbook embellishments and snapshots from your time (or your loved one’s time) in the armed services. Either way, it’s a wonderful and moving tribute to our nation’s independence and it’s a good reminder for all of those who have contributed to our nation’s freedoms.

If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate the 4th, consider making a patriotic scrapbook with an American flag scrapbook from our selection.

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