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Idea: Make a Recipe Book!

Scrapbooking doesn’t just have to be about family photos. Sometimes, life’s best moments are celebrated in the kitchen, instead of in front of the camera. If you want a fun scrapbooking project that you can enjoy putting together, consider making a recipe book that goes beyond some scraps and recipe cards shoved in a binder.

Start out by using a scrapbook as your base. From there, add your favorite recipes, along with photos of the dish itself, step by step processes, or of you and family member making the dish together. To accent the page, include cooking-themed stickers, photos of ingredients, or other creative notes that can make each page flavorful.Trust us – this’ll be so much better than a messy recipe box or binder, plus, it’s a whole lot prettier!

Make your recipes hand-me-down ready in a beautiful scrapbook from!

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