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It’s National Ice Cream Month

July is smack in the middle of the summer, and nothing says summer better than a nice scoop of ice cream!  Why not make an ice cream themed scrapbook to commemorate one of the best features of the season?  Take some ice cream pictures and get rolling!

Have a Sundae Sunday

Create a sundae bar at your house one Sunday afternoon.  Here are a few tips for getting your sundae stuff together:

  • Get a few different flavors of ice cream and line the tubs up on the table.  Have a scoop ready for each.
  • Set out individual bowls for everyone that will be there.  Make sure you have spoons, too!
  • Get a few different toppings for your ice cream.  Nuts, candy, sprinkles, different syrups, and whipped cream.  Have some cherries to put on top.
  • Let everyone make their own sundae.

national ice cream month memory scrapbooks

Ice Cream Scrapbooking
When you’re ready to scrapbook your ice cream extravaganza, get a nice light-colored scrapbook.  You can even have your kids make paper ice cream cones to use as embellishments.  Have fun with it!

Make sure you take pictures of the sundae bar before everyone starts eating.  Take pictures of what everyone’s sundae looks like, and get a few shots of them eating.  (You might want to have a few napkins on hand, too!)

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