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Make an Inspiration Book!

Have you ever thought about using a scrapbook to inspire you? Well, with a few of these tips, you could be well on your way to creating great things using an inspiration book that’s filled with all of your best ideas. After all, who wouldn’t want a little extra creativity in life? Here’s how you can make an inspiration book of your own:

  1. Start out by buying a scrapbook from to store your ideas.

  2. Next, look through magazines, books, and on the net for photos, textures, colors, and other things that leave you feeling inspired. Cut or print them out and paste them into your scrapbook. Make notes of what you like best about each image or cutout.

  3. Then, go through and write down any ideas you may have, quotes you like, or other little snippets of poems and stories that make you feel inspired. Or, if you have time, get notes and quotes from friends and family members that can keep you motivated and focused.

  4. Finally, add some embellishments to give the pages pizzazz and you’re done! Now you have an inspiration book you can turn to the next time you’re looking to do something creative, whether it’s writing a story or redecorating a bedroom!

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