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Making the Most of Your Memories

I, myself, am guilty of just this – leaving all my pictures hiding on my digital camera for no one to enjoy them, including myself.

If this sounds like you, then break the habit this year and become encouraged by showcasing some of your finest snapshots into media you and all can enjoy.  If you enjoy the craft of scrapbooking, create mini scrapbooks such as this Cloth Frame 5×7 Scrapbook and stick to one central theme in the book.  Hiding away Christmas pictures?  Create a scrapbook to hold those photos.  Ringing in the New Year while out on the town?  Create a scrapbook to hold those photos.  Whatever array of pictures it may be hiding on your camera, get those out in the open to share with all to enjoy!

Who says it is too late to set a New Year’s resolution?  Make an effort going forward this year to share your memories with others whether it be in the form of scrapbook, a standard photo album or even a digital frame, enjoy those pictures.  You took them for a reason didn’t you?

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