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Must Snap Halloween Photos

halloween pumpkin

Halloween is almost here and if you want to be prepared, be sure to follow this little checklist from We’ve outlined all of the photos you’ll need to take for putting together an awesome Halloween scrapbook or Halloween scrapbook page this year.

Here are the must-snap photos of the holiday!

  • A photo of you and your children in costume.
  • Photos of your children knocking on doors.
  • Photos of your children getting reading before trick-0r-treating (putting on the costume, makeup, etc.)
  • Photos of Halloween candy they get as they go along.
  • Photos of spooky Halloween decorations and decorated houses. Sometimes, they’re more memorable than the costumes and candy!
  • Photos of your children and their friends, all in costume.
  • Photos of your child with friends, neighbors, and family members.
  • Photos of the trick-or-treat bag as it fills up with goodies!
  • Photos of your child’s Halloween parade at school
  • Photos of your child enjoying some candy later on or the next day.

These are just a few of the photos we recommend taking. The possibilities are really endless! What photos do you enjoy taking on Halloween night?

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