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Nylon Flower Arrangement Tutorial

Hello! readers of Memory Scrapbooks

I am Hani from Craftionary
I am a new blogger who has started blogging for the love of crafts and sharing ideas. But of all the things I do I love to make new friends the most.
Craftionary works by targeting a craft line and works to create projects linked to that specific line for about 2 months. You can find a whole lot of variety categorized from nylon flowers to origami. Instant last minute recipes to home remedies and blog designs to get crafty
Today I am going to share my tutorial about nylon flowers arrangement

You will need:
Wire, floral tape, thread, stem wire, stamens and your choice of nylon
A complete guide can be found at Material and Basic Nylon Flower
To make the petals simply wound the wire around a round cap or lid and twist the end
Now cover it with nylon and thread it at the end. Then cut of the excess of nylon
  • To make purple flower make 6 petals with a wire of diameter 6 and pull the wire into oval shape.
  • Join the white stamens to the stem wire using thread. Then thread the petals one by one.
  • Shape the petals into the shape of a flower and wrap floral tape around the stem wire
  • Find detailed instructions for making petals and assembling the flower in this post Basic Nylon Flower
  • For the flower arrangement in the basket  make 4 purple colored flowers and 6 rose colored flowers.
  • Join leaves and your beautiful flower arrangement is ready to welcome the spring.
This year welcome Spring with nylon flowers and be blessed for the colors in your life. :)
A few of my favorite projects that I am loving right now

Thanks Rebecca. I enjoyed being here
I hope you will stop by and see me at Craftionary

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