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Scrapbook for National Picnic Month

July is National Picnic Month, and it’s a perfect opportunity to scrapbook!  Picnics are great fun when you can get the whole family together.  But in order to get the best pictures for your scrapbook, you need to have an awesome picnic! has some picnic tips for you to get started.  Make sure you bring your camera!

Memory Scrapbooks national picnic month

  • A city or state park naturally lends itself to a great picnic.  There are picnic tables, bathrooms, and plenty of room to run around.  But there are other great picnic options, too!  Try the beach, a zoo, botanical gardens, the grounds of a museum, a public pool, or even your own back yard. Just make sure you have permission to picnic at the location you choose.
  • You also need some activities to do at a picnic.  Think about flying kites, playing volleyball, badminton, croquet, or soccer.  You could even do some bird watching!
  • What’s a picnic without food?  Nothing!  Your picnic menu is important.  You could go with simple sandwiches, or you could get a bit more elaborate with grilled burgers and dogs. Remember dessert, too.  Cookies are perfect for a picnic.

Get out there and enjoy National Picnic Month.  Have fun, take some pictures, and make a great scrapbook!

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