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Scrapbook that Winter Fun!

Scrapbooking is important if you want to keep those memories for a lifetime. This winter, as you plan ski trips, remember that you should be bringing along a camera to capture all of those special moments on the slopes. If you and your family are planning on doing any skiing, snow tubing, skating, or sledding this winter, don’t forget to pack along a camera! These are the memories that are going to last a lifetime.

Once you’ve got the photos of your winter fun, it’s time to put them into a scrapbook so that they can be enjoyed for many years to come. Choose a scrapbook that features a winter theme or comes in a white, silver, or icy blue hue to capture the feel of the season. Then, add in your photos along with some wintry embellishments, like paper snowflakes. Look for stickers or cutouts of skiers, sledders, or other people doing winter activities to include on each page. Include scraps like ski lift passes or skate rental vouchers as a special touch. Then, write in captions about your trip. That’s it – you’ve got a beautiful winter scrapbook that’s sure to be remembered!

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