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Scrapbook Those Field Trips!

Back to school season is already in full swing and you know what that means: field trips. If you or your child are planning to attend a field trip in the near future, be sure that you’re saving the memories and preserving the experience by creating a Field Trip Scrapbook. Filled to the brim with all the things that help to make your trip experience special, these unique and fun field trips can be great additions to any personal collection or classroom, especially when you want to keep those school day memories alive for a lifetime.

If you’re thinking of scrapbooking your field trips and really making the experience one of a kind, consider a few of these tips from

1.Bring along your digital camera or at least a disposable camera to take pictures of educational and historical sites and exhibits. Be sure to use the flash when needed to get great photos, but be careful. Some field trips don’t allow pictures in certain areas or flash can become impossible when dealing with a glass museum case.
2.Keep your ticket stubs or entrance passes to use in your scrapbook.
3.Grab a few brochures for the site on your way out. These can be used to add personality and flair to your scrapbook pages and set the tone for your scrapbook.
4.Pick up some souvenir stickers or postcards at the gift shop to commemorate your trip.

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