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Scrapbooking During the Shower

baby scrapbook photo

Scrapbooking has quickly become a favorite pastime for many people. It’s a great, creative way to preserve and share some of your most treasured memories. Some scrapbook lovers have shared and passed on their love through hosting scrapbooking parties. One variation of a scrapbooking party is a scrapbooking baby shower.

Baby Scrapbook showers make a fun and unique party theme, and provide a personal gift for the mother-to-be and baby.

Instead of sending guests regular store bought invitations, make your own from scrapbook supplies. Use baby themed colors and supplies. Along with the information normally included on an invitation, explain that the theme of the party is scrapbooking, and that everyone should bring enough scrapbook supplies to make a two page layout to give to the expecting mother.

Unless you’re going to provide all of the supplies, you should also include a list of supplies to bring to the shower. Paper, cutouts, baby themed stickers are just a few examples of items you can list.

During the shower instead of playing the normal baby shower games, each party guest will design a two page layout for the mother-to-be’s scrapbook. This way after the baby is born she only has to paste the photos of her newborn bundle of joy into the already designed pages.

Scrapbooking baby showers are not only unique and fun, but they also give the new mother and baby a wonderful shower gift that will last a lifetime. To make your page more personal for mom and baby, write a personal message of congratulations or good luck on one or both of the pages you design.

For great baby scrapbook layout ideas, and to find scrapbook materials visit Memory Scrapbooks.

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