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Scrapbooking Tip: Use Ribbon


Ribbon can be used for more than just wrapping up gifts. In fact, when you use ribbon right, you can create beautiful scrapbooking details and accents that are sure to add beauty and personality to your favorite craft. But once you’ve selected your rolls, picked the colors, and chosen the sizes, what can you do with your ribbon to make your scrapbook special? Here are 5 ways to use ribbon in your next scrapbook:

1.To make a decorative spine, tie ribbons around spiral bound books.

2.Create a fun page border by cutting strips of ribbon and and using them to frame your favorite photos or pages. Use brads, staples, or glue to create fun and festive accent pieces for your pages or cover.

3.Make bows, stripes, or other patterns using ribbon on your scrapbook’s cover.

4.Accent a page or a photo using a ribbon bow , or a ribbon bow with a little charm or keepsake.

5.Create a fun scrapbook bookmark by attaching a decorated, colorful ribbon to the binding of your scrapbook and letting it sit between the pages.

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