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Scrapping and Crafting on the Go

waiting room

There’s that old saying that idle hands are the devil’s handiwork.  Now, we’re pretty sure that you’re not going to get yourself into trouble if you don’t have any scrapbooking to do— but why take the chance?  We all end up in situations where we have to sit in a waiting room.  Whether we’re at the doctor’s office or somewhere else (and, seriously, who wants to read an ancient Glamour magazine, anyway?), we could all use something to do while we wait.  So here are a few ideas to take your scrapping and other crafts on the road.

  • Choose a craft that requires a minimal amount of supplies.  That means you won’t be taking around your entire 3-Ring Scrapbook with you!  But you can certainly make little scrapbooked bookmarks.
  • If you do other crafts, you can load yourself up with macrame, origami, or crochet projects, too.
  • Think about how much room you have to carry things around with you.  If you have a bigger purse, you have a few more options.  But generally, you want to think about the amount of crafting supplies you can fit into a quart-size zipper bag.
  • Keep several different combinations of bagged craft supplies handy, so you can always grab one before you head out.

There’s no reason to keep your scrapping tied down.  Everyone here at hopes that your traveling scrapbooking might inspire those around you to get crafting themselves!

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