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Seriously Scary Halloween Scrapbooking!

Halloween is the most delightfully spooky time of year.  There are ghouls and goblins everywhere, searching for candy in a house to house mission to collect the most sugary goodness! With all these fiendish characters running about, it can be difficult to remember which little ones already came to your door.  If you want to remember each creepy crawly that comes for candy at your home, break out the camera and Scrapbook Supplies.  You’re going to make a Seriously Scary Halloween Scrapbook!!!

First you have to prepare yourself.  Have the camera ready and charged. If you’re using a traditional camera, have a lot of film on hand, because you’ll have a long night of photo ops ahead of you.  When the Trick-or-Treaters come to the door, have them do a trick, have them sing a song, do a little dance, or tell a joke (your candy doesn’t come cheap!), and take a couple of cute, and scary, pictures!

Don’t just photograph your ghoulish house guests – go out into the night!  You and your neighbors put a lot of time into decorating, so take pictures of all the scary houses in your neighborhood.  The world looks much different on Halloween, so get some pictures of the people out on the streets.  Pictures like these will give your scrapbook the variety needed to keep it from looking like a simple collection of monsters!

Prepare yourself this Halloween season and you’ll have a fun Scrapbook to look at with friends for many years.  With a little effort, it is sure to be boo-tiful!

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