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Team Memories

When kids are young they love to play games.  They love to join with youth sporting leagues and learn how to play a sport and work as a team.

There can be some amazing memories that come from a sports season.  There can also be a lot of pictures.

Normally, when a season concludes, a team, coaches, and parents will get together to have a post season party.  It is here where trophies will be presented, pizza will be enjoyed, and memories will be shared.  What better way to supplement those memories than with a memory scrapbook that documents the entire season?  You can add pictures of the highlights, include newspaper clippings, and dedicate a whole page to each child on the roster.

With a scrapbook like this, everyone associated with the team can take some time during the party to look over the past season.  The scrapbook can also make a wonderful gift for a coach as a thanks for all the hard work he or she put into the team.

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