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The Scrapbooking Essentials

Whenever you embark on a scrapbooking adventure, you definitely want to create something unique and exciting for each page. Creating unique and colorful pages each with their own embellishments is what makes scrapbooking so much fun!

However, there are essential scrapbooking supplies that every scrapbooker must have when putting together a masterpiece. put together a list of essential supplies that every scrapbooker must have:

1 – Red eye remover pen – There is nothing worse than having pictures with red eye all over your amazingly designed scrapbook.

2 - Pattern trimming scissors – Trim your photo edges with squiggly scissors to give your scrapbook that funky edge.

3 – Embellishment glue stick – If you want to add flare to your scrapbook, an embellishment glue stick is your right hand man. Embellishment glue sticks hold an extra strong bond for all your sticking needs especially when decorating with plastics, wood, felt and light metals. It can even hold a penny!

4 - Stencil templates – So you have gone through all of your stickers and embellishments, and you are looking to add something fresh. Stencil it on for an authentic look!

5 -Refill pages – Have you ever had a brilliant idea for a scrapbook but didn’t have a page left in your book to add it to? Refill pages are always good to have in case you have a creative blowout. This way you never have to worry about running out – so keep a good stock of refill pages because you never know when your creativity is going to go wild.

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