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Tips and Tricks to Successful Scrapbooking

Putting together a scrapbook not only captures lifelong memories, but it should also be an enjoyable experience. Gathering photographs from past occasions and creating a scrapbook to display them in makes for a great hobby and a great gift. There are limitless tricks and techniques to use throughout your scrapbooking adventures and below are a few suggestions you may want to consider on your next scrapbooking project!

-Wrap ribbon or use buttons to add emphasis to photos.
-Use plastic credit cards to spread glue over large surface areas. No more sticky fingers!
-Create a page title by cutting out letters from patterned paper.
-Pair colored photos with black and white photos.
-Include your favorite quotes on cardstock to adhere to the page.
-Utilize ink stamps to add an element of uniqueness.
-Add a white mat to make your photo pop.
-Experiment with fine and bold-tipped pens for different looks.
-Crumple your cardstock to create a new texture.
-Tilt photos to create an energetic “movement” on the page.

There are multiple tips and tricks to make you more efficient when scrapbooking and these are just a few from our list. What tips and techniques have you learned and picked up along the way over the course of your scrapbooking projects?

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