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Use a Paper Punch to Create Scrapbook Flowers

paper flower

Embellishments are the spice of life, or at least of scrapbooking! If you’re looking to add personality and flair to your scrapbook pages and want a fun and personalized solution to creating your own accents, try investing in a paper punch. These clever and oh-so-useful scrapbooking tools can help you create stunning embellishments for your cover and pages, including these ideas for making flowers:

One way to create a flower for your scrapbook is to use your paper punch to punch out two flowers in complimentary colors. Next, using your fingernail, pull from the middle of each flower to the outside edge of each petal This will give the petals a little bit of curl. Next, layer one flower on top of the other, rotating the top flower to be slightly off center. This creates a layered effect. Finally, to secure it, use a brad, some glue, and maybe a button or bead as the center.

Another way to utilize your paper punch to make flowers is to punch out a shape from cardstock. Use a stamp with a small design to decorate the plain card stock or feel free to use colored pencils or paint to decorate and add detail to each petal. Add a center and then use in your scrapbook!

If you feel really adventurous, you can also punch a flower from cardstock or patterned paper and create little dew drops on each of the petals. Once you’ve cut out the flower shape, apply a thin layer of glaze. Sprinkle clear micro beads on the petals (dew drops) or use colored micro beads as the center of your flower for a three-dimensional look. Let dry and the apply another coat of glaze. Let dry and then use in your scrapbook.

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