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It’s More Than Whispers And Wishes…It’s A Really Great Scrapbooking Blog!

“we all have a voice inside that encourages us to be greater than we believe ourselves to be. it urges us to nurture, create and wander. that voice speaks in whispers and we repeat its urgings as wishes…” Is there a more beautiful way to be greeted?! Such was my welcome upon finding WhispersAndWishes, a wonderful blog I found on my journey for scrapping inspiration. From beautiful layouts and unique cover ideas, to dashes of humor and personal, welcoming writing, this blog is definitely one to keep an artistic eye on!

While the pictures are what one most immediately notices about most scrapbooking blogs, it is actually the written aspects of the posts I am most fond of on Whispers and Wishes. Don’t get me wrong, the Thank You Cards and Christmas Layout Idea, among many others, are awesome, but it’s the attention to the written word that is missing from so many blogs that makes this one unique. Sure, sometimes we just want to relax and look at the pretty pictures, but to keep coming back to a blog I have to feel a connection to the writer. I’ll keep coming back to WhispersAndWishes, and I hope you all will too! :)

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