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Katie The Scrapbook Lady Keeps It Cool And Creative!

As a scrapbooker, it likely goes without saying that you have a keen eye for the fun and funky – the bright and beautiful – the colorful and cool – the amazing and awe-inspiring. That’s right, we know you’re awesome! So, where are we going with all this awareness and flattery? It’s actually somewhere we already went – we went to visit Katie the Scrapbook Lady at And we definitely liked what we saw!

A writer who isn’t a reader isn’t going to be writing anything very creative for very long, just like a scrapper who isn’t checking out what other scrappers are up to isn’t going to scrap creatively for very long. Sometimes all it takes is seeing one beautiful picture, like any of these gorgeous Earth Day Pictures Katie posted, to inspire a new, fresh album of your own! We like to keep on top of what other scrappers are up to, and we think the ScrapbookLady has a scraptastically funtastic blog we’ll be turning to time and again! Apart from gorgeous photography, there’s super unique layout ideas, wonderful deals, a personal, friendly writing style, tips that apply to all types of scrapbooking, whether you’re a traditional scrapbooker, digital scrapbooker, or you just want to try your hand at one of these super fun Badge Albums and see how terrific tiny can be!

Did I mention the ridiculously Fun Buttons! Those you’ll have to see to really appreciate the amazingness! We’re sure you’ll find Katie the Scrapbook Lady as interesting and fun to follow as we do, so head on over for a cup of creative!

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