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P.S. – Check Out the Pink Stamper!

One of my favorite things about working at is that it’s actually part of my job to keep up with what all the fabulous scrapbookers out there are up to. Pretty cool, I know! And the truth is, I really haven’t come across a bad scrapbooking blog in my travels. The beauty of this craft is that every scrapper brings their own unique personality to their albums, and I always discover something new and fantastic I can appreciate and bring to my albums, too.

However, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy and learn more from some bloggers than others, and I’m a terrible liar! Plus, it’s getting quite close to Christmas, and Santa doesn’t like a liar very much at all. So in all honesty, one of my go-to favorite ladies is Robyn from Many of you may already be familiar with The Pink Stamper, but if you aren’t, her blog is a definite must-follow! Robyn includes all the necessary ingredients for a wonderfully complete blog, from lovely layouts to inspirational instructional videos that teach you new tricks, and offer fun and fresh ideas. And most importantly for me, she lives a life worth taking pictures of, and shares her journey.

Even a blog full of the most sparkling, fantastic layouts and ideas I have ever seen loses it’s luster after awhile if the author never tells me her story. Robyn brings it all to the scrapbooking table – from Swine Flu to Marathons to her BFF Vacation. And as long as we’re on the honest path, I have to mention that her glass half-full positive outlook is refreshing. I understand that not every day can be the best day we have ever had, and I’m definitely guilty of being a grump from time to time, but it’s nice to be reminded that the bad will pass, there is much to be thankful for, and when the going gets tough, there are always Caramel Apples and Cricut Videos just a click away!

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