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Five Tips for Better Photos


Scrapbooking can’t be at its best unless you have the right photos to tie everything together. To fill up your favorite scrapbook with high quality, perfect shots, follow these easy tips on how to take and print better photos:

1.Invest in a Good Camera
Before you can build a beautiful home, you need a strong foundation. The same goes for your scrapbook. Start getting beautiful photos by investing in a good point and shoot camera. Most people won’t need an expensive DSLR, so don’t worry about spending a ton on pro gear. Instead, opt to get a simple digital camera with a stabilizer and a good zoom.

2. Editing Software Makes It Easy
Free and paid software packages for editing photos can take every shot to the next level. Try out different ones to see what works best for you. You don’t have to get crazy, but a few crops, red eye removal, and some dodging and burning can make all the difference.

3. Learning Lighting
Make it a point to learn the basics of good lighting. Don’t just flash every picture! Instead, try to meet the needs of your environment with different settings and by reading up on photography lighting tips.

4. Details Matter
Pay attention to every picture. Before you press down on the shutter, check to see that there’s nothing wrong in your photo. Preview it on the screen on the back of your digital camera just to make sure.

5. Experiment!
Try different techniques, subjects, and environments. Remember, practice makes perfect!

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