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Q – “My older brother recently got married, so as a gift for his wedding. I was given the suggestion to put together a scrapbook for them. I really like this idea but I have never scrapbooked before. Can you please tell me where to start and what I need to put together a scrapbook for their wedding? – Kathleen, PA”

A – Hi Kathleen! You should start by looking for an album to put your pages in. There are many styles and sizes to choose from, including scrapbooks with frames and leather scrapbooks. The choice is up to you! After you pick out your album, you will need to get all your basic supplies such as acid free paper for each page, embellishments to add to your designs, scissors and glue. You may also want to get different colors and types of paper to change things up a bit from the standard white. Once you have all of your supplies, you can start designing the pages using layout suggestions or templates. Once you have your design figured out, before you start gluing things in place, you should lay out everything to make sure its fits and works for you. If you have trouble, has many different design tips in the blog, as well as the “album ideas” section. Hope this helps!

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