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Scrapbooking Back-to-school Memories

With August nearly here, summer is flying by! Memory Scrapbooks hopes you’re prepared to go back to school in September. Back-to-school-time is a great time of year for scrapbooking! You’re bound to take tons of photos throughout the school year, and a scrapbook is a great place to display those memories. Here are some fantastic back to school scrapbook ideas and tips.

scrapbooking for back to school

  • Leave room on your pages for pictures of all shapes and sizes.
  • Give pages a fall-like feel by adding some stickers of leaves.
  • Make titles, words, letters, graphics or photos stand out by using a foam adhesive. A good example of a foam adhesive is our scrapbook adhesive foam dots. You can stack a few of the foam dots together to really make your graphics stand out on the page.
  • Use scraps of notebook paper when you write captions or when you’re journaling. This will give your scrapbook a great school-like touch.
  • If you’re short on time during school months, we suggest laying out your back to school scrapbooks school scrapbooks pages so all you have to do is insert pictures of all your fun school memories!
  • Be sure to include a page for your school photo!
  • Split the scrapbook into sections. This will make it easier to browse and find different memories. You can section your scrapbook by months, school year, school events, etc.
  • If the scrapbook is for a younger son or daughter, include pieces of their school work or some drawings they did.
  • To make a photo pop off the page – glue the photo to colored paper, then cut along the person’s silhouette before mounting it onto the page. Make sure you can see some of the colored paper around the person’s silhouette! It’s a fun shadow technique.
  • For a unique embellishment, mount a #2 pencil to a scrapbook page.

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